Monday, June 27, 2011

Bug's Quilt

I am going to forewarn you.....


It is hard to explain, but it is the first time where it was difficult to "let go" of a quilt I am making for someone else. 

I really kept "petting" it. 

I even opened it up so I could look at it ONE LAST time before mailing it off today.  My PostNet lady was cracking up.  She even made sure it had a tracking number...she knows me well enough to know that I will be obsessed over it!

The quilt is called a Biscuit quilt or also known as a puffy quilt.  

I would post a tutorial, but guess what?

  There already is an awesome one HERE.
  Heidi at HoneyBear Lane used to have this as a free tutorial, but she decided to make it professional and now it can be yours for a reasonable amount.  

The biscuit/puffy quilt can actually be found in many quilt books (I found it in three of mine), but Heidi's is truly a very good tutorial.  Especially for anyone in the beginner/intermediate category of sewing/quilting.

Don't you just love the each "puff"?

Don't you just love the soft and cuddly border fabric?

I had a different backing fabric planned, but it pushed the floral theme a bit is for a baby boy, after all!

And when I found the backing material at the quilt shop, I ditched my original white binding plan.  The check had to be used!  Even dear hubby agreed.

I was actually so honored to be asked to make this. 
Bug's momma is quite a talent herself, but she said she felt like she might not be able to pull it off.   And if anyone knows me, I love not only a challenge...but also just to be asked!

She wanted it in black/white/greys to go with the rest of Bugs' stuff.  She actually transformed a color picture into black and white so I could get an idea of what she wanted! 

My favorite part? 

Bug is her Rainbow baby.  

Enough said.  Right?

And because I love the quilt so much....can I just show it to you again?

Have I mentioned that I love this quilt?

I am pretty sure there will be more in my near future.   I wonder if it will be hard to let them go too?  Maybe a big one for my own bed?


  1. Heidi, its gorgeous. I love it. You are such an amazing person, a true hero and I just feel inspired by you. " when we stand before God w should be able to say that we have no talent left, because God does not give us a gift he doesnt expect us to use."

  2. ALL: I LOVE IT TOO!!! I swear, honestly, my most favorite quilt!

    @Kristi: You are too sweet! REALLY!!!

  3. Gonna start another one today! In Black and white :)

  4. Have fun! I have two blue/brown ones to do for gifts. Sure would love to do another black and white though!

  5. Very cool!
    When I was young, my grandmother made one of these for her guest bed. It was in pastels. Very pretty, and fascinating to us kids, but thinking back on it, very dated. Now the black and white? How cute!


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