Sunday, August 21, 2011

Catching Up

Thanks to Button's help, I was able to finish quite a few blankets the past few days.

I have been behind due to all of the recent family activities.  
A few blankets arrived while we were gone and they have been steadily coming every week...which makes me sad.


Little Madaline Grace's blanket is a cutey.  

Another blanket made by Grandma.

From what I can tell, she hand quilted it. 

You know that I love that!

Due to the big teddy in the middle, I split her name to one side above the heart.

Then the feet and hand prints are on the opposite side surrounding the other heart.

Her momma blogs about her at Until I Get There....

The second set of prints I can share* are Mr. Wyatt's.

It is hard to believe that I have had this little guy's blanket for so long. 

It was one of the first few requests I ever received.  However, it has been a long process.  First, I received the blanket.  Then, it was months before I received his prints.

Like most things, it is sometimes hard for the mommas to gather their items and sending your prints to me.

It's alot to bring all of it back.

I am, very often, receiving things in parts. 
That's okay, though.

It is like the grief.  

It rarely comes at a convenient time.  It rarely comes all at once. 
And it is hardly predictable.

*Note: I embroider many more blankets then you actually see on my blog and FB.  On the request form, I always ask permission to share a blanket on my blog.  So do not fear that I will share something I have not received permission for!


  1. You do such a great job and service to so many mommas!

  2. Thanks Holly!!! And for all the other love on the other posts!!!!


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