Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I have finally decided to join WIP Wednesday.

I have followed and have seen many of my fellow quilters post their WIP (works in progress for those non-quilting friends).   
I think it terrified me because it would make me accountable once a week for all of the projects floating around my studio.  

Since the boys returned to school, there seems to be just a bit of time to sew. That is, when Button allows!

Officially today, Wednesday's are for QUILTS ONLY!!! 

My works in progress, you say? 

My Hawaiian quilt throw is in the works.  
A teeny-tiny peek...because I really want to follow kapu.  Remember?

Button's bedding is in planning stage.
  The crib set already came with a quilt.  But I am planning a quilted duvet for the twin bed in his room.  I am not sure how exactly I will make that work OR what pattern I will use.
But at least I have fabric.

Good thing I bought EQ7 recently and it arrived on my doorstep!

  I can plan it out now!! 
Hopefully I can give a review of what I think.  
My review right now? 
I am a wee bit overwhelmed, to say the least!

Bean's Eyeglass Case needs to be done ASAP.
 It is a wreck after the complete mess he made of his old one in his backpack last year!
  I plan to use green fabric, but maybe add a quirky embroidered applique too?

And I just realized that I have an enormous amount of GREEN!
I have been trying to use other colors, but I always go back to my faithful green.



  1. You just reminded me. I totally didn't link up today. I think I need more sleep.

  2. LOL! I actually was finally spurred to join because you have!! I have seen it a million/gazillion times and think I will do it, but then I just think "never mind..."



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