Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Puffy Quilts...

Puffy/Biscuit I come!!!

I have two quilts for two special babies....but I cannot name them because they just might be peeking...

I need to get a move on, though!

I have had the fabrics since before we left for our vacation in July.

And I am determined to do more puffy quilts like this ONE.

I was trying to create a plan with my new EQ7 program.  So far, this is all I have.  It has taken me considerable time to upload this from the program to save on my Mac files to upload here.  So please be nice!

The puffy quilt requires 64 total 4 inch blocks.
  Of course. 

Not those fabrics above...these:

Quilt One:

Quilt Two:

 The "fabrics" on the program just don't work for me.

  I was feeling defeated.

Until I found out that I can scan the actual fabrics to EQ7!!!  So excited!  

I have scanned them (examples):

Shhh!!!!  I need to clean the screen on my scanner you see the white sticky mark.  It is on all the images!!!

Fun, right?

Now I need to spend the afternoon trying to figure out how to 
upload them to EQ7

And then design.

I promise...If I get the design figured out.  

I will start cutting tonight!!!!!

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