Saturday, January 14, 2012

My left brain won...

The ongoing battle of the left and right brain was vicious, but the left side won this week.   After my post Wednesday, I became curious about which brain I actually I Google'd and found a test you can take HERE!

Funny thing, I always thought I used both and knew that the Right won on some occasions and my Left won on other occasions.  Guess what?  I was right!! 

Looking for some fun? Go and check it out!!!  And I love that image above, don't you?  Makes me want to do a project for my studio...a quilt?

So did my left brain win?  Organization.  No sewing was completed whatsoever since Wednesday.  I am hoping the left side is quite satisfied for a bit, so that this weekend is more successful!


I was able to sort through all my digital files,  organize them into simple albums to upload to Walgreens and picked them up!


If you are in need of a good deal, they have a great coupon code HERE...60% off!

DVD Movies

Mission accomplished! Mr. Boss is a happy camper, once again.  The drawer that was overflowing the spare drawer we have in the Family room is empty!  The three bins I have for "new" movies had enough equal to about FOUR bins.   Loose discs galore.  Movies in the wrong slots in the already organized binders. I think I counted 30, and I know that is low because I put about 25 away about a month ago! 

 How do I organize it?  Take a deep breathe.  Gather it all up on one place...preferably a nice big table!

 Get your trash can ready!  Put all the loose discs that have a place, where they belong.  Then I sort.  Sort by Cartoons, School Musicals/Home Videos, and then all the rest.   If a movie has people and characters, like Alvin and the Chipmunk, I do not categorize them as Cartoons.

You will find things like this:


~Organizing systems~
Purchase an organization system.  I like the three binder collections I find at Target.  But I found THESE which I really like too!

I know that you can use CD binders which are larger and hold more discs, but I love these because the insides have room for two discs and then on the opposite side a place to put the movie cover.
 The covers make finding movies that I am searching for much easier.  I am a visual person, so looking at some of the discs with the teeny tiny label just don't cut it for me!  If you can handle it, then I suggest the CD binders!  I have those for all our CDs and actually keep the covers for those in the adjacent pocket!

 I put the cartoons and home movies to the side.  
And then put the movies in alphabetical order.  I know this doesn't look bad...remember I did it the first time about 6 years ago.  It took forever (I think I had over 100 to do at that time).  I do this about every two years..

I start adding my new movies behind the letter I am working on.  So African Cats and Australia were added right before the Bs.  I am not going to fib...I take out the C's to make room for them.  And then move the C's I took out and add any C movies behind the current Cs.  I continue this until I am through all the way to the Zs.  And, yes, I have a Z movie...Zathura!

It is a bit tedious, but, like I said, I only do it every other year.  We don't buy that many movies anymore!  The first time is the EASIEST because you just pluck them in!  I, DO NOT, alphabetize within each letter.  My right brain starts getting the shakes at that point.


And when I say pluck, all I do is pop the discs, place them in their slots, slide out the "label", trim the front cover off, and slide it in the empty pocket!

Some movies come with two discs...and lately, I have found three.  I will confess...if there are three, I will double up two of them in one slot (shhhhhh!).
For the movies that only have two discs, I try to share a slot.

I leave the one in it's state and then fold the second one, and slide to the bottom.  
I also try to keep the sequels together, and again, if only one disc each, I fold the sequel cover.

And occasionally...we have a cover.  How this happens, I will never know.  But I just slip a post-it there. 

I try to find an image online to place in there later.  But not while I am sorting...NO distractions!

After the "regular" movies.  I add the Cartoon movies to their perspective binders.  Same way as above!

Then my "sets" or special collections go in the empty bins that I store new movies in (two empty ones now..woohoo!!!) and the home movies go in their own box (an old scrapbook box to be exact!)

And how long did this take me?  About 3 hours from start to finish.  There were 3 phone calls, one baby playing with that pile of plastic and needing attention, lunch, a bottle, and two diaper changes.

So not too bad!  

That is worth a few hours of quilting in my Studio over the weekend in my book, since Mr. Boss is so happy, don't you think?


  1. You deserve an entire afternoo in your sewing studio!!!!!! Nice job!

  2. I am 52% left and 48% right. My guess before was that I was pretty balanced. I love organizing and creating so it makes sense. :) Nice job on the dvds.


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