Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hawaiian Quilt

 A mini one that is!

I FINALLY finished the Hawaiian quilt kit that I picked up at the Maui Quilt shop this summer while on vacation.  I may not have touched my sewing machine over Christmas Break, but I did get my hand finishes done!

It was supposed to be a throw pillow cover for my studio, but then I realized that it was really too big for my chair-and-a-half and that I didn't have any other room that it would "fit" in.

So for now, I just made it a mini quilt.  All 21 square inches of it.

I am actually pretty happy that I stuck to my guns on this one and did it without a sewing machine whatsoever.  

It is COMPLETELY done by hand.

Needle turn applique

Hand quilting

Hand binding 

It has given me a new found respect to the ladies that do large quilts by hand.  
I will never have the patience or endurance to do it!

First off, my stitch length is not even and, frankly, has much to be desired!

But I am happy!

Other works in progress?

Long arm practice quilt

Is done!!  I finished the binding right before 2012.  Nothing really special.  ALL 40x 40 inch crisp and white muslin.  

After thinking about it, it is a great tablecloth for the summer or even the winter months.

I had to keep it because we all gave the Ole Betsy a spin on it....even the Baby Button had to "touch" it.  He is actually pretty fascinated by the machine.  Actually, all of the boys are enamored with her.  Maybe some quilt boys in the making?

I practiced loops




and small intricate


And UFO on the agenda?

This Christmas Quilt HERE.

I have the fabrics about 50% cut out.

I will finish cutting and starting piecing TODAY!  I am taking a wee break from the New Year Organization plan.
  I can't take it anymore....2 weeks without touching my sewing machine is starting to eat at me! 

Off to see what everyone else is doing at:

What's going on in your neck of the woods?


  1. Love the Hawaiian Quilt. Hand sewing is a great thing when we are unable to sit at our machines. And speaking of machines, how amazing is your quilting going to be on Ole Betsy!

  2. Great job with your mini Hawaiian quilt! I tried making one of those once, and gave up once I hit a point in one of the leaves. :D I also love your longarm practice!

  3. Whew! Lots goin' on in this post. I love the green quilt, reminds me of a cactus, and pretty. I don't have the attention span to hand quild, so kudos to those that do. You did a fantabulous job on all your FMQing. I saw this at WIP.


  4. Wow! I can't believe you finished it all by hand. That is quite amazing. I don't think I could do all the echoing. I love your quilting practice turned table cloth.

  5. Heidi, your hawaiian applique is absolutely lovely! Kudos and congrats on all the wonderful handwork!

  6. It's very interesting markings. Tissues are beautiful.

  7. The Hawaiian quilt is amazing - all this handiwork and hand quilting, very special and beautiful

  8. Your mini Hawaiian quilt is beautiful! Love those shades of green. Thanks for sharing. Found you through WIP Wednesday! ooxx`jodi

  9. Nice job on your mini quilt! And on your long arm practice piece.

  10. Your mini quilt is beautiful! I may have told you this before but I absolutely love reading your blog. You always have such great posts and always inspire me to work on my things. I took a little break from my second quilt and made my first, and second dress for my daughter. And even a couple pillowcases and a super simple flat sheet for her toddler bed. Back to quilting I go though. Can't wait.

  11. I love your Hawaiian quilt....and Maui is just fabulous.

    Love seeing your FMQ

  12. Love the quilt. LOVED Maui Quilt Shop! Our hotel had one and I got several little Christmas things from there! My MIL bought a BEAUTIFUL (and umm, $$$$$ pricey!) Bird of Paradise King Size quilt several years ago and now doesn't even USE it! I'm trying to talk her into US using it, ha ha!!

    Beautiful job! I'm envious of your talent!!! xoxoxo

  13. OMG! The Hawaiian quilt is gorgeous! You did a fantastic job. Someday, I will give the Hawaiian quilt a try.

  14. What a beautiful Hawaiian Quilt. Great job!



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