Friday, March 16, 2012

Are We Texans Yet?

"Boots, chaps and cowboy hats…. nothing else matters."

We have been in Houston for 8 years now and have attended the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show every single year. 

This year, we put our gear on.

Jeans and a newly designed applique onesie for Button!
  I designed from a picture of an over priced boutique outfit online.  It was done at late night so I want to work on the stitching before offering it in the Etsy Store!  I now have four or five designs that I need to get working on! 

 He also had his special rodeo quilt from last year.
Do you like?

 First thing when we arrived at Reliant Stadium?

Making a decision on what to do first!

 Livestock show it was!

Button was fascinated by the cattle, chicks hatching, goats, and sheep!  For some reason, we had bad timing and it was extremely crowded, so we made the decision to do the petting zoo next year.  He was happy enough to watch from a distance!

The older boys pretending to be annoyed for a photo shoot..
the Carnival was waiting!

As always, impossible carnival these bottles though!

 Usually we are successful at the Roll-a-ball game, but no luck there.

 Thank goodness for big brothers that can play basketball.



The older boys weren't interested in rides this year. The lines were extremely long and they were anxious to get in to see the rodeo.

But Bunny fit in a little sliding fun.

Wait! What's that?

Crazy stuff mom!!
Okay..time for the best entertainment ever!

The RODEO!!!!

We just adore it.  
It always begins with a rousing Star Spangled Banner.

It always amazes me what is a football stadium in the fall/winter is completely transformed into a place for Steer Wrestling, Team Roping, Bronco Riding, Barrel Racing, Bullfighting, Calf Scrambling, and Mutton Bustin'.
Update:  A video of Button cheering for the Chuck Wagons here.

 We are vastly becoming fans of certain competitors.  We were excited when a rodeo record is broken, we cheer for our favorite riders, and we groan if someone gets a penalty for "breaking the barrier" or getting "bucked off" before their allotted time!

We also eat some great food!

Before you know it, a stage is brought out to the middle of the stadium.

 And we enjoyed the show.  This year?  The Band Perry!  
Considering they have only a few songs that are popular, they did a fabulous job of entertaining over 70,000 people! They had a lot of energy and have made us very interested in watching their career in the music business grow!

Oh...and to all my good friends and followers?

 I remembered to wear better shoes this year....especially after last year.  

I even received a text message from my friend who was at the rodeo herself the other day.  

 "At the Rodeo thinking of your broken shoe from last year!"

Yes, everyone, I am just here for my friends' entertainment!


  1. Love the pics! and that adorable quilt...Makes me miss the rodeo even more :)

  2. A good time for your family! Sure love the applique shirt. Super cute.

  3. so fun! Little mister Button is way too cute... by the way. :)


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