Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mini, Mickey, and More!


Modern Mini Challenge

 I think this is the SMALLEST quilt I have ever made.  Last minute, Monday morning for the last day of entries.  I, in no way qualified, but I have seen a few bloggers that I follow are finalists!

See HERE for more details!

Mickey Mouse Blanket

I have been wanting to make Button a "taggie" blanket since he was born.  Every time I thought about it or started one, I would change my mind endlessly.  

In the past few months it has become abundantly clear that he favors two fleece blankets.  He either is two-fisting them or is walking with one in his hand and it trailing between his legs behind him.  He really needed a small taggie to take along on our long jaunts in the cars...upward of 3-4 hours at one time some days!

This past weekend I realized a fleece blanket would be best, right?

This morning, it struck me how much he REALLY loves Mickey Mouse.  He stops anything to watch Clubhouse, and he was playing with his Mickey stuffed animals.  I love my Eureka moments...Mickey!

I am REALLY happy with the black fabric (from leftover sweat pants that are about 10 years old), but not in love with the beige knit.  I couldn't find a good "peach" fabric in my stash.  A good idea to start thinking about picking some up?

I hope he likes it when he wakes up! 

 He LOVED it!  He even had to hold it while watching some Clubhouse in the doctor's office waiting room!

Updated photo

In Progress:

Cream Throw

Remember how I had 132 5.5 inch squares cut from a daybed coverlet?   Well, I decided to piece it.  I was so sick of moving the basket around since I cut them out.  So I have a TOP!! 

  It was a MESS too!!  I didn't realize how stretchy it was.  The jersey needle that I put in the machine became my best friend!

Hartley's Quilt

Starting to cut out the diamonds!!!!
And have edited and digitized Hartley's footprints for the applique!

No Progress:
8th Grade Auction Quilt
Christmas Quilt
Thank You quilt
Donation quilt (which I think I am now going to gift to a baby girl I know)
Baby Button's Twin Bed Quilt

Off to check out what everyone is up to!!!

Probably more than me *sigh*


  1. Love the Mickey blankie!!! Oh and I like how the squares are turning out. I wish I had some in progress to list but there is just not enough time in the day. :) Betwwen planning K's bday party, a family cold, and misc house chores my hands don't know which way to go. Hopefully soon though!

    1. hear you...I need to remind myself that I AM making progress. I feel like I am so behind everyday, though! I don't even list hardly any of my non-quilting projects "to dos" on Wednesdays!!!!
      The bday parties really get me behind!!!

  2. I love all these projects... and yea, you're getting so much done! :)
    the cream quilt top is so pretty.


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