Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring break is over?

It is amazing how much I was able to get done this week during Spring Break! I even had my laundry done on time?
 I have decided that carpool time really eats into creative time! Do you think I could justify paying after school care just so I can sew, quilt and craft to Mr. Boss? 

 Finished projects

 Cream throw quilt 

 I decided to finish the quilt I now call madness. It absolutely drove me crazy. And because I finished binding it while watching my Alma Mater advance to the Sweet Sixteen during March Madness!

via Marquette University website

 I am actually still rolling my eyes at myself about my ambitions last week. That is possible, right? I can't even describe the humor I find when I read last week's post? Scalloped border? Stitch in the ditch? 

 Feel free to find out what happened on Monday's post HERE if you are in need of a laugh.  I find it crucial to always laugh at myself!  I really never take myself too seriously!

 In Progress Projects

Hartley's quilt

 I am excited! 

 I finished piecing the top. 

 I had to change tactics because I fell in love with the EQ7 design...but realized the motifs were so large that the colors didn't mesh like I had hoped! 

 I ended up making rows of the same colors to draw the eye to each special fabric instead of random bits here and there.  I hope to have the embroidery design finished today! I am getting anxious to quilt and bind her quilt and get it to her momma! 

One sent out last week, another blanket going on the hoop, and another still to edit and digitize. 

 I was in a bad place a few weeks ago. Feeling overwhelmed and unsure if my heart was in it all. But the back and forth I have had with a few of the moms this past week has bolstered my resolve. I can and will continue to do it! I am still working on some pre-made quilt ideas...any quick patterns you recommend to make small keepsake quilts?  Quick, easy, and affordable for the parents that don't already have a blanket or quilt?

 Non quilting projects 

 I am getting close to finishing up a project for our oldest son.

A sneak peek?

No Progress Projects
Twin quilt for nursery
Christmas quilt 
Auction t-shirt quilt 
Baby girl quilt kit 
Thank you quilt 
Bunny's sharpie roll project

 New projects  
None...thank goodness! 

 As always, linking up! 

Keeps me on my toes!


  1. I love the colors for Hartley´s quilt!! The top looks beautiful!
    Good to see that cream mad quilt is finished!LOL

  2. Hartley's quilt will be neat when done.
    For easy quilts - what about giant log cabins - or other blocks done on a large scale into a quilt.

  3. I love the top you've got for Hartley's Quilt, looks like it will be a great design. Your dogs make such great models!! :)

  4. Goodness! You have been busy! I love Hartley's quilt. Such lovely colors. Isn't EQ a lot of fun? I have so many ideas and quilts in EQ just waiting for me to make them.


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