Monday, August 19, 2013

Highlighter Quilt Top

The one great thing about knowing some quilter friends that design patterns is that I get to test them!  The only problem with that is that I have had this done since June. 
 It's hard to not to share secret projects, I tell you!

Introducing the Highlighter quilt by my friend Bree @ Distant Pickles
You can find it HERE at Craftsy!

I had originally wanted to do prints, but my new rule this year was that any quilt I add to my already quite long list has to have a distinct home.   The second limitation I put on myself was to try to use current stash as much as possible.   I needed to be tough on myself.

I already had a pattern for Button's nursery that is still in the works.  (Somone please put a firepoker at my back to get me going?!??!)  I couldn't find enough fabric for Teenboy that worked in his room.  And I am glad I didn't choose it for him because the Argyle quilt that I am working on suits his room so much better.

That left the middle boys.
 Their room is pretty much done, decorating wise, but they each don't have their own quilt yet. 

Bad quilt mom, bad.  

So I pulled this Kona solids stack.

Kona Orange, Kona Turquoise, Kona Sour Apple, Blue Marine, Kona Medium Gray

I went to work, and I now have my first all solid quilt.

I'm pretty excited.  I have not quilted it yet. The 13 year old boy decided that this one was his.  He just didn't like the fact that I chose Ikat Orange for the Simply Color line. 

How dare he, right?
As soon as we settle on it, we will be quilting!


  1. Really like this quilt design and your color selection. Great boy quilt.

  2. Very cool pattern. Perfect for a boy. I love the orange too!


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