Monday, August 26, 2013

Waiting in Line

I have quite a few tops floating around here lately.

The two newest ones came together quickly.

Unfortunately, they are joining



Shuffle the Deck

Jacob's Highlighter 

on the Ole Betsy line-up rack.

They are all waiting for me to finish up my aunt's quilt. 

(The most recent photo. It is already loaded on Ole Betsy)

 It is giving me a little trouble.   And my response to the problem was to order new leaders from Handiquilter so I could just take it off and start on the more pressing ones since my "due date" passed a few days ago.  However, my order hasn't arrived.

So I am forcing myself not to to touch project (other than my hexies at tv time) unless it involves any of the seven quilt tops that I stated above.

Did I actually say SEVEN?
Who is this person and where did she come from?


  1. i love all your quilts, especially cut the deck. if it needs a new home... i only do hand piecing and hand quilting and this quilt screams hand quilting. you do beautiful work. blessings, barbara babscorbitt at gmail dot com

  2. Wowsers that's an impressive line up of beautiful quilt tops!!

  3. So glad to see the wintery blizzard one- it's one of my faves! Hopefully it's turn on the quilting machine comes soon!

  4. hehe looks great! I need your serious opinion on my kind sized swoon.. I have the blocks done, I need to sash it still and add the borders, but i'm thinking I want to get it done and out to you/a longarmer this fall (september time?) and then have it back before Thanksgiving? In case we find an apartment so we'll be all ready to go? Let me know if you think its feesible, I totally understand if not, but I wanted to give you first crack since i'm IN LOVE with my Maple Leaf one!! :)

  5. At least I'm not alone in my list of quilts to be quilted. Unfortunately I'm trying to do them all on my regular machine and am dreading it...

    Also--at least they're all pretty to look at while you wait and then again when you finally get quilting. :)

  6. It is understandable. In the last month I finished 2 tops and have one more top in progress. The quilting will come...when there is time!

  7. Good luck with the projects! You definitely have your hands full. :)


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