Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Grand Traveler

I have to take an unexpected trip this coming weekend and I am getting pretty anxious about it.  To keep myself busy while I anxiously wait, I decided to put down the quilts for a bit and start making bags.

I skipped the madness that I call the "Weekender Woes" and just bought the Vera Bradley Grand Traveler.

Forgive me, oh quilting gods, for my sin.

To compensate, I decided to make all the things I need to FILL it.

A Manicure Set.  

I actually made one in November for my .do good stitches swap and have been meaning to make one for myself.

The only difference is that I added a small flap because my cuticle clippers would not stop falling out.

Love this Anna Marie Horner Garden Line!

A Tissue Holder

Again, I had a free pattern from about 5 years ago I never used.   I guess that five years ago the tissue packs were smaller because mine did not fit, so I had to make a second one with larger dimensions.  

I also added the snap.  I like my tissues contained!

A Make-up Roll

I have been DYING to make one for about twenty trips ago!  This one was a blast.   I did not use any particular tutorial, I just scrounged the internet images to see what shapes I liked.

I based the layers on the sharpie roll I did a few years back and went with it.

I added a flap and intentionally made sure it was captured in on the sides.  

And my vision worked!  I can flip it entirely to the outside to access all my brushes and tubes.

The only thing I'm on the fence with is the green ties.  

I was trying to give it a little jazz and intentionally used the pink thread to make it pop.   Not sure if I nailed it!  I can always change it...but it might be growing on me.

The Cosmetic Bag

Yup. This is my WORK IN PROGRESS.  It has changed, transformed and has sat here like this the last three days.  I CANNOT decide what I want to do.

I DO know that I like the fabric choices and the leftover EPP star I had hanging on my design wall.

I don't have a picture, but I am also making a snack bag for my everyday bag with more of this lovely Anna Marie Horner fabric (Garden).  It just seems to want to be in all my other Vera Bradely totes for daily use.  Button has ripped a few ziplocks the last few weeks!

So I might actually look like a grand traveler.....but I promise, I'm just pretending to be one.

Any bags or little projects that you have had on your "bucket list" that you just haven't gotten to?



  1. That make-up roll is awesome! You totally nailed it with the green ties and pink thread :) I'm making the Aeroplane bag by Sew Sweetness right now and so far it has been pretty awesome.

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    1. Cool! One friend of mine who is a make up artist would probably kill for such thing :) Great work!

  3. No need to seek forgiveness, Heidi. There is a time for everything under the sun. A time for making by hand and a time for buying from the store! Great job on the accessories! Wishing you safe travels...

  4. Smart choices for your Vera Bradley bag!! Love all the pretty colors you used!


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