Friday, January 3, 2014

Quirky But Solid {Quilt}

This quilt is for my 14yo son for Christmas.  I did quilt it and had the binding attached by Dec 13th. However, the entire family decided to get sick starting Dec 21st.  It's been a fun ride!  I finished up the binding on Dec 29th, so it goes on the 2013 finish list!

You are seeing it all washed and crinkly because the fuzz from the backing was pretty horrendous!
Bold colors?  Yes!!  The colors were inspired by their bedding and room colors.

More info about their room makeover here.

The pattern is Highlighter by Bree at Distant Pickles.  Take a look at the different printed versions!

I loved the woven look from the start.   I won't deny, I have one single regret.  

The solid.  I really want to do this quilt in prints and not solids. I have a baby quilt in mind!  This is my second all-solid quilt and I can honestly say....not a HUGE fan.  However, I was sticking to my stash only rule last year and will continue to do so for next year for Make A Pledge.

Plush/Minky Backing was his request.  I had purchased significant yardage of Simply Color for it, but he was adamant that he wanted this backing.  Who was I to refuse?

It did show off the pantograph pattern well.  Quirky by Willow Leaf Studios.

The Simply Color binding is my tongue sticking out at dear son #2.

  I still got some of my favorite fabric in there! HA!

I find this pattern really wonderful for a boy.  There is something about plaids and woven that say masculine to me.  Certainly wonderful for a girl too, but I like having patterns available that I won't question whether it is too "feminine".  I have a little baby boy in mind for the next one!

Quilt Stats

Measures: 68" x 68"
Fabric: Kona Orange, Kona Turquoise, Kona Kiwi, Kona Marine, and Kona Iron,
Backing: Orange Minky Plush, Binding: Simply Color Orange Ikat
Quilting:  Pantograph Pattern Quirky by Willow Leaf Studios
Longarm quilting by myself on Avante 18"


  1. Beautiful quilt. I'm very impressed that you stuck with such a large piece of minky on the back. It must have been difficult to work with. Did you use lots of basting spray or something? Love the colors. Contratulations on a beautiful finish.

    1. The longarm is your friend with minky. But the one thing I have to say is the backing had to be AT least 8 inches extra around. Ten is even better. It still shifts and stretches tremendously.

  2. This is a very nice quilt. I love how the quilting shows up on the minky and the pattern is perfect for a boy. I love this one!

  3. That was nice to know about quilting that on the frame with the minky back. I like the solids.

  4. I'm all admiration for that backing you used. I find Minky so hard to quilt. Beautiful quilting. Beautiful quilt.

  5. It's a gorgeous quilt for a boy - very nice finish :)

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