Monday, January 6, 2014

The Real Quilt Boss

The problem with getting quilts done for two of your boys and not the other two?  

Whining and pouting commences.

Or subtle passive aggressiveness by a certain little Button.
His quilt is the pattern I designed LAST Christmas break and he is finally putting my feet to the fire. 

Pieces of Hope Fabric by Riley Blake

I have been able to do a quick baby test pattern to make sure I was on the right track.  

I know, I know...another sneak peek.  Color Kona Maize

I then took advantage of the pattern/sewing mo-jo that I started a second baby one, 
since I need another baby gift!

Every two hours or so, he asks me if I am done with my "constructions" yet. 

He even stole MY rodeo quilt.  He walks around claiming it's his "Cowboy" quilt.  

Nothing like a child about 24lbs and 35 inches as a boss.

P.S.  I am confident now with my baby sized "constructions" and I will soon be cutting into his FQ bundle to make a twin size....anyone interested in doing a lap test or queen?  If you took on the queen, you would be my HERO!


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