Friday, February 20, 2015

Sewing Circle Tote {Quilted Tote}

This tote is......

Enormous. Amazing. Versatile. Awesome.

I bought the Sewing Circle Tote pattern some time ago from Elizabeth Hartman when my friend mentioned there was a sale. I wasn't looking for it in particular, but was looking for a bag that could hold a quilt . I'm always hauling them around in the car when I'm handbinding. So it needed hold a large one. Boy does it!

 I gathered all the materials about a week later after pushing. But I could never justify taking the time to make it, just to hold a quilt.

Fast forward to the end of December 2104, I realized we were moving and immediately bumped up to priority. I knew we might have to live somewhere temporarily if we sold our house too early and if we didn't find a house at its new destination.  I needed a bag to hold the minimal amount of tools and the like.   The sewing circle tote fit the bill.   Coincidentally, Quiltcon was also coming up and after seeing my class supply lists, I knew I needed something big enough to haul my stuff.

I won't bore you with all the details. Or maybe I will?  Once I made the decision, I had the outer shell and straps all attached and the inner zipper pouch liner almost completed before leaving Wednesday night for QuiltCon. 

I took my machine with me and I didn't finish it the night I arrived because three hour drive wore me out after a few late nights at home. I scurried back to the hotel after my first day of classes that Thursday and finished it up for the next day!

Fuzzy hotel room picture!
So glad I did!! 

It holds rulers, thread, irons.

My folding cutting/ironing mat fit beautifully in it.

And,'s not a tiny one, the mat is 12" x 17"!!!

My rotary cutters and more rulers.

Inside pockets of End of Tote
It can fit fabric or more rulers.

Inside of other End of Tote
Or whatever you need.

Large layered pocket and pouch on inside of side of tote
The zipper pockets held everything

Layered pockets on inside of large side
and anything.

It might seem crazy, but the fact that my books can fit in the pockets?!!

 Amazing!!  I'm a quilt book girl. 

I realize that I worked tirelessly on the bag, but I am so glad I did.  The pattern instructions were very well done.  The only part I hated was the cutting...but if you've followed me long enough, you'll know that cutting is the most tedious and unfulfilling part of quilting for me. 

The fabrics are Essex linen in Charcoal and Moda Fabrics by Sweetwater with a few other fabrics thrown in from my stash. 

I used leftover Denyse Schmidt stripes for my lining. 

I'm writing this post two years later (postmarked to the date I made it) and I have to say that I have used this bag SO much since I made it. It was amazing for Quiltcon. I actually carried our "precious" things in it during our move. I haul quilts to guild meeting show and tells.  It was perfect for the one Sew-in for our guild I made it to.  I use it to haul things to the school for parties.  You name it.

psssst...that book is in this pocket and you can't even see it!!

Can I say it one more time?   I love this bag.

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