Friday, February 27, 2015

Argyle Socks {Quilt}

I was determined to get my oldest son's quilt done by his 18th  birthday....which is tomorrow! 

I made sure it was all quilted before I left this past weekend, and had even started the binding.  So it wasn't a hard feat to finish it this week even with my QuiltCon Hangover.

This is the third quilt I have finished from the Hexagogo Book and is called the Argyle Quilt.  I named it Argyle Socks because he wears the craziest socks and now I feel like I need to buy him some crazy argyle ones!!  The original quilt has more feminine colors and I wanted his to match his existing comforter set.

The hexies are all from my stash or scraps which made it fun.

The background is Denyse Schmidt from my favorite line of hers...Florence. 

I could go on forever about the things that mad me frustrated about the construction of this quilt, but I've decided to just focus on the good things so that I don't have ill feelings about it ;)

The backing is minky again....per his request. He has been spying his little brothers minky-backed quilts (Quirky But Solid and Slime) for awhile now and was hoping he would get the same warm and cuddly quilt.

The quilting was a challenge for me in many respects.   There are so many different things going on that free motion seemed the best option.

Paisley and straight line quilting on the borders.
Curved accents on the gray hexies.
Swirls on the colored hexie diamonds. 
Half moon circle quiltling on the background.

It has a LOT of texture.

NOTE: I often get asked about minkey backings.   To answer the questions ahead of time. Yes...I use batting.  Yes.  It is heavy (8lbs).  But the boys love the weight of them and they are probably the warmest quilts we have in the house. Yes.  We live in Houston.  Yes.  We do get cold here occasionally.  And not everyone loves air conditioning!

I have one more quilt in mind from the book and that is a long term one. I'm dying to do the British flag one...any Brits out there that want me to make it for them?  I really don't need one!

LInking up with A Year of Lovely Finishes!  I made my GOAL!!!!!



  1. Yes! I am a brit! My hubby met me whilst serving in England... i would love to see how a British flag is done in hexies I keep meaning to make a combined American / British quilt of my own.. its somewhere on a very long list of projects! I have been a fan of your blog for a while now. Thanks for the inspiration ;)

  2. I love everything about his quilt. You definitely need to get some crazy argyle socks for him, too.


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