Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Less than Exciting Navy {Quilt}

"Navy. Never looks like it's trying too hard- It's understated cool."

After a week of seeing our 14 year old son's long legs and arms hanging off the edges of his twin bed, hubby and I agreed it was time for an upgrade to a full sized bed frame and mattress. 

Only problem? New bedding. And working with teenage boys and home decoration can make a person beat their head against the wall. Not to mention that finding bedding to fit that awkward transition between boy to man can be a task worthy of a saint.   After weeks of showing him a million online options and bringing home different quilts and comforters from local stores?  He finally just said, "Mom.  Why can't you just make me a navy blue quilt?"

Uhhh.....why didn't I think of that?
Enter in 5 yards of Robert Kaufman 108" wide solid Navy. 

Note:  Lint.  SOOO much lint while making this quilt

6 M class bobbins filled with Navy Blue Superior Threads Omni Thread.

 And a Paradox pantograph by Urban Elementz

I translated his "it's fine" as 
after I took it out of the dryer and it was warm and crinkly.

I, personally, love how the pattern reflects the pattern in our carpet and his Minecraft Slime Quilt

 I *may* have pat myself on the back for finishing what is, generally, a boring whole cloth quilt in less than three days.

He even vetoed any "different" color or texture of binding. 
More Navy cotton *yawn*.

Quilt Stats
Measures: 86" x 94"
Fabric: Robert Kaufman Navy 108" wide
Pattern: Whole Cloth
Quilting: Paradox Pantograph by Urban Elementz on HQ Avante. 

Meanwhile, Button has been patiently waiting for me to finish his older brother's quilt so I can start his new quilt. 

I have a feeling it's going to be a bit more exciting!! Stay tuned!


  1. Amazing quilting, event though it must have been boring to work :) Kudos for finishing it - and if its on the bed, it must be just right. My daughter is still waiting for me to baste her quilt top...

  2. How have I missed reading your blog since we met at Quilt Con? Anyway, I'm caught up now on all the goodness, winding up with this navy sophistication. What a good mom you are! And I'm sure I'm not the only one eager to see Button's quilt!

  3. Yip, that's boys for you. Love the slime quilt, and the pillows. Do you have a pattern for the basketball pillow?

  4. The solid navy is just perfect for a teen son! And what a cool quilting pattern to make the whole thing really stunning!

  5. totally it..


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