Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Liberty London {Fabric}

I can honestly say after returning from our travels that I left my heart in London...

While sitting on the Tube headed to lunch our first sightseeing day, I sent a pinned place on Regent Street.

My husband knew that it was serious if I sent him a link so we walked from the restaurant to Liberty London. 

I was prepared for the boys and hubby to be groaning, but when they saw the interior, they were definitely willing to wander.

The best part is that they found the Haberdashery section because they knew that I had plenty of yardage already at home. Especially considering that I had two quilts loaded up right under my favorite Liberty Color Wheel before we even left! 

We spent a fair amount of time deciding which bundle from the choices.

I had a cute apple pincushion in aqua blues chosen until we spotted this beauty. I mean, honestly, how could I resist a coronation pincushion in Liberty Fabrics when King Charles III was just crowned just a few months ago.

When I got to the checkout counter, the gal that helped me out giggled when she saw my goodies. "You went a bit MAD for liberty fabrics, didn't you!". My husband immediately let her know that I definitely didn't need them. We had a thin tote bag I take along in case in my purse or totes when I think I might become a pack mule which we call a "Sad bag"   My boys added the Liberty shopping bag to the pile saying, "here mom. You need a happy bag instead". 

Of course, both bags became filled up as we continued our adventures along Picadilly....Next time I go, I will fill up my happy bag for some happy yardage!!

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