Friday, August 11, 2023

Sew Plus and Sew Stamps {Sew Scrappy Spools Quilt Along}

"School bells are ringing loud and clear: vacation's over, school is here." 
-Winifred C. Marshal

I am back at work and the first day is around the corner. I did squeeze in this month's blocks before heading into my clinic this past Monday.

For the details of the quilt along, including pattern, supplies, and dates, see my earlier post announcement HERE.

This Month’s Blocks 

Sew Plus Blocks

I love the play of the two colors with the pop in the center on this block. 

And I can still not get over how much I love this Bee Plaid Fabric line!

Sew Stamp Blocks

I was very worried about how tiny these little blocks were.

But I had so much fun cutting two squares from each fabric in my two bundles. I tossed the in four piles randomly and then just laid them out randomly.

I will admit, I am posting this one day late. I am embarrassed to say that I had the blogpost ready to go, but completely forgot to actually post them. I pray I can find the balance as I return to work again.

 Stay tuned for next month’s block on Thursday, September 14th!

Previous Blocks:
Month One: Sew Four Patch & Sew Cabin Blocks
Month Three: Sew Flag Blocks
Month Five: Sew Heart Blocks
Month Seven: Sew Pinwheel Blocks

Meet the other Quilters

Keep up with us by following @fatquartershop on Instagram to see and share work from your fellow quilters. Don’t forget to use #SewScrappySpoolsQAL to share your progress on social media on the second Thursday of each month, so we don’t miss seeing your scrappy quilts!

You can find Lori Holt on her blogYouTube Channel, and Instagram (@beelori1).

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