Monday, August 8, 2011

Button's Baptism

I have never waited so long to baptize one of my boys, but this time it took a wee bit longer than normal.  But 5 1/2 months isn't too shabby, is it?

It was a big day. 

My grandfather (the boys' great-grandfather) was able to baptize my all four of my boys now.  

It is special because he also was our celebrant of our marriage.  
 I am still waiting for a copy of his homily.  It was beautiful.

I was a little sad that he was never able to baptize Jamie Lynn.  
But Daddy did the honors for her, so I can't complain!!!

The boys were both sweet AND hilarious yesterday.

"He is not atheist anymore mom!"

"I can't believe it.  That kid is growing so fast"

"Now he is Catholic, just like us"

I am not going to bore you with all the details, but just will say it was wonderful and he was wonderful!

I wish I could claim I made his whole outfit.

I didn't.

I had a tuck-a-cedo (JJ's pronunciation of tuxedo) picked out by the boys.  
It was satin and very "fancy".  

Hubby thought the tie and vest were over the top.
  Honestly, so did I!  Shhh!!!

I scrounged through their memory boxes and realized their outfits were pretty tame.  

Thank you, Macy's for having a plain white outfit.  
White (denim) shorts, button down short sleeve shirt, and vest.

I decided to make the bow tie (adapted from Prudent Baby's tutorial), and embroidered the sweater vest with a simple cross.  

I also ventured into the Fondant world after my latest stream of failures with Butter cream icing.

More to come on that!!!!

Welcome to the Church family, little Button.......

We love you oh-so-much!


  1. he's beautiful! all your boys are.
    We're not Catholic, but I love the theology of infant baptism... God reaching down, when we are helpless, to claim us as His own and wash us clean. What a special day... Congratulations to your whole family. :)


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