Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mr. Nicholas

I am so sad about this one....

Not because it didn't turn out well....

Just that I had to use the largest hoop I had on my machine. 
A multipostional hoop at that.
It requires me to do the project in two steps.

Why did I need such a large hoop?

Because his prints were much larger than I usually receive.  I think I am used to small little itty bitty prints. It isn't that his aren't small. They are definitely newborn standard.
It is just that it made me think about how hefty he must have felt in his momma and papa's arms.  

So yes.....just a little sad.

And to get around the thread competing with the print this time.  I decided to do it applique style.  That way his prints in off white thread really showed well on the brown cotton fabric background.

As always, I sure hope momma and papa enjoy "holding" him one more time.

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