Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Adventure with Marshmallow Fondant

For Button's Baptism

I used the Makeit-Love it Make-a-Cake series.  

For the most part, it was pretty clear.  

I had to keep my iPad handy in the kitchen.

The series includes making the fondant, coloring the fondant, applying the fondant, and how to make the Estelle cake.

Admittedly, it was VERY difficult to work with!  

And messy!!
I imagine the off the shelf kind would be much easier since it is already made!  I also heard that it is easy to roll.

My arms are STILL tired from kneading and rolling it out!

I went simple with the decorating. 
I didn't want to get too elaborate for my first rodeo!

I colored the leftover fondant after I placed the white fondant on the cake.  
That was the probably the easiest step.

I was really surprised how smooth it went on.  Granted, I need some practice on the strips.  Don't the professionals use steamers to make their cakes shiny? 

Do you think my iron setting with steam would work?

To appease hubby who always likes my butter cream iced cakes, I tried to lather it in between the two layers of cake.  Then I added the trim on the bottom.

The verdict?

The boys were dazzled by the fact that the cake was "perfect".  
They expect fancier ones in the future.
Some liked the fact that they could "chew" on the icing.

Hubby was not thrilled.
  He said it was too sweet.  But he didn't throw away his piece, so that is a good sign.

I am guessing that he will get the simple butter cream cakes and the boys will be getting the fondant for their birthdays.

I did buy regular fondant in a box as my backup plan.
  I think I will do a trial run with it and see if they like it!

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