Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Little Isaac

I never know what type of blanket will arrive at my doorstep. 

Large blankets
Small blankets
Fluffy blankets
Marshmallow blankets

Sometimes fabric because the momma has commissioned me to make a blanket for her.

This time?

A beautiful cross-stitched blanket by grandma!

I think my favorite was that there were a bunch of these.

It was a pleasure to do this for his momma!  

His prints were VERY detailed and made the editing process a bit interesting.

And, of course, I am always in love with any baby's feet!

You know you can't resist either!

Once again, I am honored that you mommas share a little bit of your little ones with me.  

I am so glad you do!

And thank you to Isaac's mom for the donation! My donation funds for Butterfly Kisses were getting low. It really helps with my shipping, stabilizer, and thread costs! 

It was greatly appreciated!!

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