Saturday, August 27, 2011

School Memorabilia


You've collected art.  You've collected math tests.  Spelling tests with "GREAT JOB".  Projects you stayed up late nights with your kiddo.   The winning essay for a contest (and no, none of mine have, just projecting my hopes!).

  Hopefully, in a portfolio envelope like I suggested.

Just add a sheet of paper that you can slip in to "label" your portfolio like this:

If not, you could go "old school" like I used to!

 I simply folded a posterboard in half and taped 3 sides with packing tape.  Punched a hole on each side at the top and tied with a ribbon.

Old School!

Better yet, I used to just to label them with marker!

  Once the portfolio is all set, you first find storage bins that work for you!

I bought these about 8 years ago, so I am not so sure you could find these.  They are my favorite because they are actually the exact width of a normal/average shelf in a closet. They stack up on top of each other on the highest shelf.

However, I suggest you find something that works for you.

Decide if you want some under the bed storage, closet storage, attic storage, or garage storage.  Just remember the glues and glitter can only take so much extreme temperature.   Make sure that it will store all you want to store!

  I am not a huge Walmart shopper, but they are ALWAYS my go-to store for plastic storage bins.

Have your bin?  Time to fill it!!!

I just set the pre-bound books/binders loose in there.  They generally are already marked by the school year.

Recorder anyone?

I even throw in some things that I have stored like his birthday newspaper.  I still can't believe we bought this!  And no, we didn't buy any for the other ones.  We can just google it, right?

Portfolios in?
Think you are all set now?

One more step.

This is Butter's.  Since he is in high school this year his is getting quite full.

It is time to assess the older portfolios.

The one on the right is just not going to work for the long haul.  
What do you do?

You do just one more sort through the old portfolio.  You will be surprised about how much trash you kept last year.  TOSS it.  So it looks like the one on the left.

Any questions?

I am sure the last two posts for this series don't excite everyone , but they have to be done to keep your sanity and keep memories!


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