Friday, September 2, 2011

Craft Cart

Do you have a bunch of these?

And more paint, paper, foam and more glue than you can stand?

I have a great way for you to store it all!!!

I used to store the boys' belongings in my studio in a cabinet and some drawers, but I was getting frustrated.

It isn't like I don't love that they share the room with me.  It isn't that I don't want them to craft with me.

But, their stuff was taking up VALUABLE space for me!!

I have to thank my dear sister-in-law.  In a way, she got me thinking...she mentioned that she stored her boys' (she has FOUR too!) in some plastic storage in her kitchen.  But they weren't out when we were visiting this summer.  I instantly thought, WOW...why don't I move the boys' stuff into some sort of rolling cart that I can tuck away somewhere other than the studio.
I hunted high and low and settled on this one.  The drawers are not deep, but I LOVE that.  Less room for them to shove things that don't belong, right?

So here is what I have stocked up in there:

Index cards and coloring books

More index cards and small dictionaries 
 (the English dictionary is in the car right now)

Flash Cards 
(my room is so much more than crafts!)


Modeling clay, pipe cleaners, tissue paper

Some Paint. 
I keep the larger quantities are with my paints!
The Christmas guys in here are waiting until they get noticed again.

The boys love to weave.  Seriously love it. 
The purple and yellow are a iPod holder in the works.

More yarn. 
They use it for alot of projects.  They also have some beginner crosstitch kits that they dabble with every once in a while. 
Love the stencils. 
I just punched a hole and have them on a ring. 


NEVER enough.  I restock during Back to School days at the stores!

Stapler.  Odds and ends. Rulers. 

And Hand Sanitizer?

On the top?

I have their big bin of crayons.  The extras always come home at the end of the school year, so I dump.  They throw out the nubs (that is my own Heidi-ism) as needed!


A utensils basket.  Handle makes it to-go.  Looks pretty sitting out on a countertop while in use.  Organizes the markers, colored pencils, regular pencils, pens, and bookmarks. I have to recant my own words.

THIS pencil sharpener is the best purchase ever.

The boys managed to kill 4 automatic/electric sharpeners.  I found this good ole fashion one at office depot.  Hubby secured it to the top of the cart.  


However......the most Divine thing?  

I have my cabinet back!!!  
My jewelry and clay are much happier now!

But don't worry! 

The boys still have one cabinet for the larger items. 

Sewing machine, Playdo instruments, bouncy ball maker, and foam goodies.
  I keep the old cereal containers that don't seal tight anymore or are missing the tops....the boys love shaking out the letters and shapes.

Where is the cart?
You know that closet that stores the vacuum and jackets?
I am gradually trying to use every wasted space in this house!


  1. Using a utensils basket for crafty supplies is a stroke of genius! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  2. Wonderful storage and it is easy access to them as well. When in college I had a very very small 1 bedroom apt and everyone always commented on how 'clean' it was. I would always say every thing has a place and every place has a thing. I wish I could be that organized again.

  3. Thanks Kim!

    I forgot to add....I purchased this cart at Sam's Club. Some assembly required, but very simple to put together!

  4. How fabulous! I need a new system for my kids' art supplies, they've outgrown what I had in place. Great ideas!

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