Thursday, September 1, 2011

September? Already?

September Calendar for my Family Photo Album
What happened to this year?

What happened to all of my hopes?

I am rapidly feeling like I am so behind in my own race that I will never catch up.

But when DON'T I feel like that?

I guess, I was so "busy" that I didn't do my quarterly review (in August) of my hopes!!!

So I guess today will be good as any other!

  • Internet:  I feel like I have made considerable progress recently.  New blog header, cleaning up of my template.  I am sure it could use some more tweeking...but that's okay.  I like the tweaking.  I am excited because I am going to have a very special giveaway (sooner than later).  Keep your eyes open! BTW..even if you aren't reading..I am enjoying rambling somewhere and my blog suits me well!
  • Grief:  Up and down.  Up and down.  I have noticed that my blog is becoming less about my grief and Jamie and more about my crafting/sewing.  I have another blog URL on the sideline in "wait" mode.  I am feeling more and more compelled to confine my grief there.  I would, of course, still reference it here every once in awhile, but feeling the need to split it up. But. Maybe not.  Confusing enough?
  • Sewing:  Wow!  A lot done this summer, yet not enough.  I still haven't finished Button's nursery and I still have a whole  house to tackle!  Not many orders right now, so I really need to take advantage.
  • Embroidery:  I have made even more strides.  I have invested in a few more hoops to manage orders better and I am learning all about splitting images on my software so I can use my large multipostional hoop.  So cool.
  • Quilting:  I have made more quilts this year, than I ever have before.  And, two of them have stayed home with me.  I also have been excited that they have been featured on other sites.  So gratifying!  I am currently working on the Hawaiian quilt and the two puffy quilts.
  • Crafting: A little here and there.  It always depends on the mood or the needs in our house!
  • Scrapbooking:  Thank goodness for scrapbook retreats, otherwise, there is NOT much going on here.   I am on countdown....8 days away. And that giveaway?  ALL about scrapbooking.  Stay tuned!
  • Family:  Never last.   NEVER.  My newest goal as a mother is to focus on the time I have left.  With the oldest starting High School recently, it becomes increasingly clear that our time with him is waning.  I am no longer allowing myself to "cop out" and decide not to attend school/sports events with pitiful excuses that I need to get home to do laundry or clean.  I am not limiting their after school activities as much as the past, claiming that it is too much (for me).   All I hope is that, someday, they realize that I spent 4-9 hours a day in my car to make it all happen. 

The only good thing today?  

My calendar is completely empty!!

At least for the next 10 minutes.

Picture borrowed from a Parenting article.

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