Monday, September 26, 2011

Stuffed Animal Magnets

See these little guys?

We have quite the collection of them in our house.  They are each about 3 inches high and become part of the family every now and again.

Bean and Bunny are constantly challenged by their Dyslexia.  Spending some time with their reading specialist to learn tools and tricks to make their every day lives easier is a godsend to our family.
So I really can't complain about the inundation of little animals that sneak their way into our house via backpacks!
There are only so many things that the boys can do with them, so I thought I'd kidnap a few to make some magnets for their magnetic bulletin boards in their ROOM.

Want to make some?

Magnetic Stuffed Animal Tutorial

From Oriental Trading


Miniature Stuffed Animal


George was chosen as my first victim.  Turn your little friend to the back.  I have never found a stuffed animal that does NOT have a seam along their back.  Simply take a pair of snips (mine have curved tip to grab seams) or small scissors and cut a few threads.

Remind your little friend that the surgery will be quick and easy.  

I found that most of the animals that I opened either had batting or a enclosed sack of beads, so no mess when you have their backs open.

Slide the magnet in.  Try to keep it close to the surface of the outer fabric.  That way only the fabric of the animal is in the magnets way!

I recommend a really heavy duty magnet.  The hardware stores are the best place to find them.  I have not been impressed with the strength of the magnets I have found at the craft stores I shop at.

Tell your little friend that you are almost done!

A simple needle thread and a ladder stitch will do the trick!

Metallic Bulletin Board in Boys' Room

Stick them up anywhere you'd like!

George (the monkey) and Bamboo (the panda)  appear to be quite happy to be in the Boys' room!!

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  1. What a darling idea! We had SO MANY stuffed animals at my house. I'm pretty sure some of the are bound to become magnets!

    Btw, I checked out that toodledo app and it looks so great. I'm thinking of doing a bit more electronic planning in the future! Thanks for the tip.

  2. Ever since I saw this darling project, I've been hunting feverishly for the "right" kind of stuffed animal to use to make some for my 1st grandson. I was thinking maybe something without a tail? I wonder how large yours are? Alexander LOVES sticking magnets on things & I'm always afraid he'll swallow just regular fridge magnets so this project is an answered prayer!

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