Sunday, September 18, 2011

Under the Sea

 The baby and younger boys share a "Jack and Jill" bathroom. 
It always reminds me of the Brady Bunch bathroom!  

View to "big" boy bath side
View to Button's side

Luckily, since our offspring are of the male kind, we don't have to worry about the bickering!
Normally, the bathrooms are pretty boring in my house.  I usually find some "theme" like seashells, leaves.  Usually of the muted kind.

But since I spiced up the BOYS' ROOM and am about to finish Button's Nursery, I wanted the bathroom to be just as fun!

This time, my inspiration was the shower curtain and these towels from Target:


I snatched up the towels.  I loved that it brought in the blue and green from Button's nursery and the Orange, Blue, and Green in the Boys room.

I have a secret though.
I might not keep them because I'd rather make my own applique designs on towels. Shhhhhh!!! I am keeping them as my inspiration right now!  
Hubby can attest...I leave tags on EVERYTHING I am deciding on.  Sometimes I am deciding for years!  Ask him.  I dare you.

I also bought the boring old shower curtain. 

Okay, not boring, but I just couldn't put it up all by itself.  I did love the green ribbon accent on it because it reminds me of the extra detail I added on Button's nursery walls (to be revealed this week!!!)

  I found cute shower curtains online like these
Tiddliwinks Seahorse Curtain Rings by Target

BUT, I already had some old ones from my SECRET STASH that I really needed to use!


Easy fix!!  I ran to Hobby Lobby and found some wooden sea characters.  

99 cents a piece!

 A little glue, the E-6000 kind!

24 hours (I always follow directions) to dry!  

Hang them up!

And since I couldn't find a wooden seahorse, 
I decided to design a cute Seahorse Applique!

A bit of ironing sure would do it some good?

A lot of color for a little room!


Next on the bathroom makeover "to do" list?
The Memphis print has got to go...along with it's dark green frame!

I have had different ideas and just can't seem to settle with one in particular.  

Do you have any ideas that I can add to my already cluttered brain?!?!?


  1. OMG So so adorable!!!! Ocean themes always get me. I think you need to add some boats or ships somehow to the decor!

    Especially on that shower curtain! Those waves are just asking for a ship!

  2. I already have a ship picture that I am posting later this week on Button's side of the bath...

    Adding a ship to the waves is a GREAT idea!!!

  3. LOL Great minds think alike ;)

    Even a few ships bobbing up and down would look really adorable :)

  4. Ohh that is a great idea for the hooks. Thanks for sharing! I am actually redoing our boys bathroom with the exact same theme. I also saw that at target and bought a similar table cloth for inspiration. I am going to do some applique on a shower curtain and paint small few small canvas pictures of port holes. I am going to make it look like you are looking out of a port hole into the ocean rather than paint sea creatures all over the bathroom.


    The seller has other sets with less or custom orders, but being so talented if you buy the paint, glue and canvas I am sure you could make something up, perhaps with stencils or applique glued on. I saw a matching bin too. Totally love your boys bath room and those towels, which is how I stumbled upon this on a google image search for circo sealife towels!


I cannot wait to hear what you have to say! Seriously! It makes my day!


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