Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rock the Cure!

 Today, JJ and I finished the JDRF Walk for the Cure!!!

It was a 5K and I was so proud of him.  Not a single protest or whine!  He even posed for the finish line.  We walked on an awesome little girls team.  Her name is Katelyn and she ROCKS, just like the shirt says!

I see this child everyday!  She is so mature and responsible and takes complete ownership of her Juvenile Diabetes.  Because of this, I was inspired to make this drawstring bag for her.  A diabetic always needs to carry their monitors, sweets, and water.  I used the colors from the t-shirt her mom had made for her Rockin' Angels Team!

I also made a ponytail holder (I used it to tie the t-shirt)

I promise....A Tutorial is in the making for the bag.  I made it off the top of my head and am pretty excited about it!!!!

Here is the photo bomb of our day!!!!!!

Starting out.  Can you see baby Button peeking out?!?!??!

JJ liked the curb every once in awhile.  There were a lot of girls there and he walked the whole way with the gals!!!

A butterfly kept landing on the kids as they walked.  On their fingers, on their shirts. 
Hello, Jamie!!!!!!

The finish line!!!!!!!

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