Monday, November 22, 2010

My Dreams

I have been trapped in my studio for the last few days........NOT having fun.  Once again, I made the mad crazy offer to help with my boys' school Christmas musical.  I am, for the 7th year in a row, making alterations, making multiple shepherd's vests, creating camel costumes, fixing Mary's headpiece, and fine-tuning all of the costumes.  There are always many alterations because every year the group of kids changes.  One year Mary is taller than me, and the next very petite.  I try to use the same costume, but this year, am thinking if I do it again, that I will make multiple sizes of every costume.  BUT, I don't have time!!! What am I thinking!

I am actually early this year.  I am just about finished, but procrastinating at this moment to create this post.  I was pinning and ironing the hem of the last camel costume and happened to look up at the quilt hanging above my ribbon rack. 

I made the quilt a few years back as a "sample" to show costumers what I could do.  I love taking photos and making them an heirloom piece.  How can you resist a quilt that not only expresses what you love, but also allows you a glimpse into a moment in your life you never want to forget?

Unfortunately, my dreams of having a business went down the tubes when I let my volunteering take over my life.  I agreed to be the PTO president for the school that my boys attend and where I now work.  It goes back to the idea that I am always sharing too much of myself. 

I have grand ideas to post some amazing projects on this blog, but wonder if I am going to let these "little" side projects get in my way.  Last year, my excuse was going back to school and getting my RN license current in the state we live in.  During '09 summer, I couldn't deal with anything but focusing on my coping mechanisms with the challenge of losing a child that hadn't arrived yet.  This year, I have allowed my new part-time job take over my identity and in many ways my "soul".

So I am heading back to the last camel costume, and praying I don't lose my focus on doing some "Heidi" projects this week. 

I will make sure I keep looking at my quilt to remind me........................


  1. Oh, btw how did you put the photo into the quilt. Just found your blog and I love it!!!


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