Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dots and Checks

My first quilt top in over a year!!!  The last one was Jamie's quilt last summer.  I will post her's later, because like everything about her, she deserves her own spolight!

Ever since that quilt, I had not accomplished much crafting for fun.  I have done a few projects that fit our family needs.  Monogramming the boys' school uniform shirts.  Fixing a hem.  Covering a dog bed.  Nothing that really was "me".

Another babyloss momma sent me some fleece and edging to make a memory blanket for her this past Summer. I cannot tell you how long I procrastinated, because I am quite embarrased.  It was like the act of sewing would mean that my life was moving on.  When I did finally finish it (okay...confession October!), it was like the heaven's opened and kickstarted me to remember why I always crafted. 

I have always crafted for the love of my family.  Making gifts for family afar, decorating our home to make it cozy and inviting for ourselves and our visitors.  I have always loved making things that made me smile.  If it made something more organized...oh the bliss for my "slight" self-proclaimed OCD personality!!!!

I have always been pretty humble about my work.  I am my own worst I won't mention to you what is driving me crazy about this top!!!!

I was contemplating the name of this quilt....I definitely need to make it a victory of sorts.   When I border and quilt it, I will be sure to let you all know!!!!!

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