Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Bunny!!!

Meet Bunny...

Sharpie tie dye project

My third and "baby" for the 7 years until his baby sister and brother arrived recently. 

Our oldest thinks he is my favorite.

My First Customer

Let the record show that they are ALL my favorites.  
I love them more than any other kids!

Even though...the rest of the kids in the world are great too!


9 years ago today,  Bunny arrived after a long day that started off with an induction.
  14 hours later, he finally made his appearance.  

The next morning, his big brothers arrived to meet him.

His biggest brother was practically squealing with excitement to meet him!

His other brother?  Did you see him hiding behind the chair above?

Yup...he was so THRILLED to meet the new baby.......


Funny story, which is a favorite one of the boys.

When we brought him home, I set the car seat on the driveway. 

I was trying to do the whole "do not carry the new baby in your arms when you come home.  Greet your other children with empty arms so they don't feel replaced" thing.

I was prepared to give them big hugs and love...but they ran right by me.

The one that was screaming at the hospital was a whole new little boy.  

This is what  he said....

"Welcome home Jonathan.  This is your new home.  Come on inside to our house.  Come and see it."

  In the sweetest, angelic voice you ever heard.

They even pulled out some blankets to snuggle up with him that afternoon.

And he couldn't keep his hands off of his new baby brother...

He still can' least not in a "good" way!

Tomorrow, I am going to tell you all about Jonathan and his passion....wait and see!!!!


  1. Awww, thanks for sharing.. Happy birthday to your Bunny. The expression of their pictures are priceless!

  2. sooo precious! Happy Birthday to him!


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