Friday, May 27, 2011

Just a Dream?

Something is arriving to my local quilt shop next week:

  After realizing that my machine is possibly unrepairable, Dearest Hubby went to the quilt shop with me yesterday.  
It is the same place I bought my Baby Lock serger and embroidery machine.
I did a lot of research on Pfaff, Singer, and Viking.  No Janome dealers nearby so they weren't in the running.  The unfortunate news is that the first three machines I mentioned are now ALL owned by the same group of investors.  And, frankly, if you are a frequent follower of machine reviews, you might have heard that these investors have ruined what used to be really great machines!

Luckily, I met and fell in love with my newest gal.  
Hubby signed the dotted line.


Meet Symphony.  


She is MINE!!!!

She is not only gorgeous on the outside, but perfection on the inside!

She has an LCD Touch Screen (240x320)

She has 460 Built-in Stitches

She has Built-in Stitch Memory

She has USB Type B connection to upload any machine upgrades and save stitches to your PC.

She has an Advanced Pivoting Features.
  Follows curves and maneuvers around appliques without ANY difficulty.  The foot lifts just at the right moment.  No more messing with the presser foot lever.  Your two hands are free to guide your fabric.
No interruptions of your work!

Have I mentioned the Advanced Needle Threader and Cutter?

Or the Fabric Sensor System?  Do you frequently work with heavy fabrics and then switching to lighter fabric weights in one project?  It already knows!  Your stitch length will not change under pressure!

And have you ever wished you could sew sideways?

I sure do...patches, appliques on sleeves, appliques on pant legs.

This baby has a lateral stitch!!!!

Are you jealous?

Of my machine or my husband?

Now I won't get greedy just yet...but just so you know... these two machines are in my line of sight...

Crown Jewel (long arm machine)

and the
Embroidery Professional Plus

But I promise I will be patient and spend some time with my new girl. 

She is going to be a lot of fun to get to know!


  1. You're going to love it! So happy for you! :) (I've got a long-arm on my 10 year plan... I told my husband I want to finance it in to a house one day). ;)

  2. Ha!Ha! I was thinking the same thing the other day...if only we could have rolled it into our house payment. I'd like to be on a few month plan...but realistically think it might be a few more years!!!


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