Friday, May 25, 2012

Handmade Parade

 Are you a hand stitcher?

I love to sit down and do an embroidery stitch or two!

If you like to Katey is having a new link up party on Fridays!

There and Back

She is hosting a linky party every Friday at her blog There and Back.  Go there and show off your stuff okay?

All I have going right now is my various needlepoint projects.

A yarn needlepoint. 
 I am making some progress, but it is slow.  I have no love for stamped projects.  I hate trying to "guess" which color, even with the chart. It feels like added work because they never seem to match.

I also have this going on my stand.
It is a aida cloth throw.  It is nice and soft, but not the easiest thing to work with.  The hoop is one of my very large ones, but isn't really compatible with my stand that I have.  But I am making it work.  I have to admit...this is counted cross-stitch, but my problem is since I don't work on it very often, I really lose my spot...I really need to start marking my chart!

And I finally broke open this kit!

I realize that I am rapidly running out of time to get this done for Button by Christmas.  

I sorted my floss two weeks ago.

And I started the first stitches this week!

Other than that, I have some hand stitching planned for the Twin's I will have something different to share later!

Otherwise, I probably won't be able to join in all the time (especially if all this needlepoint/crosstitch doesn't qualify)

Are you working on any handwork right now?


  1. My mom made each of my 2 sisters and I cross-stitched Christmas stockings and they're on of my favorite decorations now as an adult :)

  2. WOW so much work in those projects and they will all be beautiful when completed. I especially love Buttons Stocking. Looking forward to seeing all the kids stocking hung at christmas. hugs

  3. Wow you've got a lot going on! My mom made me a stocking like that many years ago, I still treasure it!
    Thank you for linking up to The Handmade Parade :-)


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