Friday, May 4, 2012

The Perfect Portable Design Wall

I have attempted many times to hang some flannel in my studio.  I have even used the stand that I used to display the t-shirt quilt HERE.

 But I have no luck.  My blocks fall off.  The dogs run by and knock all the blocks off or knock the whole flannel piece down.  
It is always a mess.

 I am then stuck laying it out on the floor.
Not my favorite choice!

I have popped onto Oh, Fransson's blog occasionally, but really liked her enough to follow her (I really have to reader currently has 606 posts that are unread)

When her post on her design wall popped up, I was intrigued.

  I ran to Lowes.  I bought two foam insulation boards (4ft x 8ft) for $15.96.  I also ran to Joann's for a King Size (90 x 108) roll of Cotton batting...cost $39.00 (but $23.99 with a coupon from their APP).

I am only posting how I made mine, because, of course, I had to make some adjustments for my needs!

I wrapped mine around the batting is a bit more cream, but there is a reason why!  I suggest making sure you get a white!

I stapled it to the back...and here is my "tweak"

I wrapped some black flannel to cover ONE of the backs.  I don't anticipate a huge black quilt in my future, but I thought it would be nice to have a black if I was considering a dark background quilt.

 I also used packing tape around the edges like she suggested.  It protects the edges when I am moving them around.

I did not secure mine together, because my studio has ZERO wall space because of my cabinets and windows..

 You can see more of my studio HERE.
 I have both stacked (one behind the other) behind the door.  It covers the pocket door going into the adjoining bathroom.  I can just walk out to the hall to access it, so no big deal!

Now you can see why I like the cream? 
 Makes it blend with my door!
I have to confess, the fabric sticks to the batting about as much as it did to the flannel.

 but I use small pins with much effectiveness when I want the blocks to stay a bit more permanently!

I especially love that I can move it to my laundry room for a large quilt.

I am still contemplating on cutting the second one down to a smaller one, but I am not sure what the point of that would be since I would have no place to put it!

Go to Oh, Fransson to see her specific tutorial!  I can't thank her enough for the tip!


  1. It makes such a difference to have a design wall space! My stuff almost always falls of the flannel so I use pins, but wonderful all the same. Glad yours fits behind the door.

  2. I just made a 96" x 96" design wall from the same posting and I love it! So far my blocks seem to be sticking well without pins. However no one has been around to disturb them either!

    1. I should have emphasized how light it is too!! It is a really good idea!

  3. the studio... *sigh*... love it. :)
    I have some flannel push-pinned in to the wall currently.

  4. That tshirt quilt...

    I came to let you know that I gave you a blog award :)

    1. Thanks I have to put the pressure on myself to choose some blogs!!!!

  5. Great idea, and you just found the perfect spot to put it!!

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Congrats on getting your design wall put together. It is so handy to have one. I have something similar. I talked my husband into building a giant easel to hold my insulation boards. It looks like a giant paper holder stand. It sounds kind of silly but it works like a charm. It is made out of 2x4s so it isn't fancy. But it allows me to tilt the design board back just a little. It keeps the pieces from falling off. Our poor spouses! Our projects are their projects. :)

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