Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Project: Baby Wipes Toy

Do you have an empty wipes bin?  
Fabric scraps?

A baby/child that loves to tear through your fabric stash like it is nobody's business?

This is for you!!!
I am not even going to pretend I came up with this idea!  I found it on the somewhat...okay...VERY addictive Pinterest!

Here is the original project.
via Pinterest at this BLOG
But of course...I tweak.....I love to tweak!

I grabbed fabrics with no rhyme or reason.  They just happened to be decent size fabrics from my stash basket.  What is my stash basket? 

A huge basket that I throw all my scraps or mini bolts for the week.  I have decided I waste a goodly amount of time to return fabric as I work on projects.  I now spend Sunday's (laundry day) re-folding my mini bolts and relegating my scraps to where they belong HERE.

My scraps are different sizes...okay they may resemble a rainbow...I know, I know...I love rainbows!

I didn't feel like appliqueing mine nor hemming them. 
 This was a project to get quickly done and in the hands of the baby.

A simple pinking edge with my pinking rotary tool (not my favorite, BTW...I WILL be buying a pair of pinking shears on my next supply trip!)

My wipe container was boring white.

I pulled out my washi tape and made some stripes.

I can guarantee that Button does not care one bit that I didn't go crazy with applique numbers and letters.

He just likes to shove them into the case. 

 I guess most baby's want them out?
I think he takes after me...a little bit of an organizer!


  1. My son likes to pull the wipes out, one by one, until I have a huge pile of no-longer-pop-up wipes all over the floor. I have plenty of empty cases and lots of scraps. I think we will be seeing one of these in our very near future!

  2. Too cute! All of your organization projects are rubbing off on him.

  3. That is the coolest toy I have ever seen! What a great idea!

  4. Cute post. Great idea : ) Love your button organizer too. Have a great week

  5. this is genius! Scarlet needs one! (too bad I don't have any wipes cases! -- I'll have to buy one!) ;)

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