Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Google Reader says...

I have 810 posts unread.

I will be honest...the T-shirt quilt put me behind 400 and now my newest projects have set me back the other half!


First Communion Banner

This is hung at the end of the pew of the the little girl or boy on their special day for their first communion.
 I am extremely happy with the design!!

Plaid Tote Bags

I was asked to make some bags for the two students that "won" the office helper of the day.  I used some leftover denim material and a red check inside for the liner.  They supplied some used uniforms for the school plaid.

Second Sharpie Roll

I thought I would make myself one, after making Bunny one HERE.
But mine didn't turn out as well as his!  You can read up about it HERE.

In Progress:

Raggedy Ann Doll:

A friend wanted a Raggedy Ann Doll for her daughter's birthday at the end of the month.  I found this sweet doll on the internet.

I have her bow, and most of the head/body, and arms cut and seamed.  I am waiting for some fabric to be delivered to do her legs, skirt, and shirt!  Easy pattern to follow and

Princess skirt/Disney shirts

Zoo animal quilts for twins:

Remember William and Connor's quilts?

I am starting two more for a pair of twin boys!

I am in the layout, cutting mode.  I even found some binding I made from the last one that I forgot I had?  I must have made THREE pieced bindings!!!  So that is good luck, right?

The only thing I am stuck on is the fact that they are twins.  I want them to have two different animals, because I am pretty sure that is important to mother's with twins and the twins themselves I should stay away from having two animals, right?  I am stuck!

No Progress
Retro Flowers QAL
Twin quilt for nursery
Christmas quilt 
Baby girl quilt kit 
Thank you quilt
Merry, Merry Snowman BOM
Do. Good Stitches Blocks

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Anyone know how many posts Google Reader can hold?  I think I might be approaching the max-out?

If you get random comments or replies from this blog from me on posts from a while is because I am finally catching up!
If not, I am just busy quilting...or at least that is the story I am sticking to, okay?


  1. My Google reader is not as out of control as yours but it is getting there. I am trying t catch up but a WIP and family is taking all my time. Keep plodding away and know that you are not alone :o)

  2. I feel like my Google Reader is cleaned up. I'm down to 248. I eliminated two bloggers that I could not keep up will and that let go of a whole lot of self induced stress...
    How fun to have all the colors of Sharpies. Especially when they are new!


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