Monday, August 13, 2012

My Space

I didn't have any plans today for a blog post since the boys and I are in the midst of first week of school activities.

It seemed to be karma that Moda is having a linkup party to show off our stash!

Precuts  (Jelly rools, Fat Quarter Bundles) on the top of the bookcase

Recently, I was Sidetracked and I finally moved my quilting fabrics out of my closet into the main room of my studio.  I made mini bolts which seem to be all the rage.  Moved out a old rack that held my ribbon, and replaced it with a tall bookcase.

It was the best decision I have made in my room in a long time. 

I still have felt, fleece, and various home deco  fabrics in the closet.

 But by moving the cottons and quilting fabrics it has relieved some space for my WIP projects in bins and baskets!!

The rest if the room is quite a mess right now. 

I have school uniforms and other school paraphenelia being embroidered with school logos and names and monograms

I have my oldest son's bedroom curtains waiting to be ironed and hung. My new iron taking up space and waiting for a few more loads of laundry to be ironed.

Someday, I'd really like to take everyone on a detailed tour of the storage and such, but all those UFOs, WIPs and chores need to be finished by this day's end.

Go check out some other rooms at Moda Bake Shop

Click Image

I am going to go and get some ideas.


  1. Heidi, your bookcase is so bright and colorful! I love love love having bins for my WIPs. I find that I occasionally forget about them, but it is so worth it not to have them piled all over the place in the way of what I'm currently working on and running the risk of pieces getting lost!

  2. I LOVE your space. I'm off not to check out everyone else and get some ideas for my now smaller space! hugs

  3. I'm jealous of that stash. And all that space!

  4. I love those giant scissors on your fabric shelf!! Too cute!

  5. i spy some traditional hawaiian applique! i stopped in that shop last week, do you remember which one you did? i love it and i get so overwhelmed looking at the different ones they have!

  6. I love that you have children's toys in your sewing room. I do, too. My youngest is 21 and I have no grandchildren but I seem to end up with kids around on a regular basis.


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