Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WIP: School Blues

I feel like a broken record, but man....I am so sad that school started....

So are they?
The Middle J's are now in Middle School and the oldest is a SOPHMORE.  A SOPHMORE?!?!?!?

Button and I are pretty lonely and I think yesterday, I may or may not have gotten mad at him like a three year old child.  We were yelling at each other because I was trying to clean the kitchen and he was being counterproductive and emptying out all the cabinets.  I think I may have even stomped my foot?

Ever have one of those days?

And to further the grandmother (who is 82 now) sent me this email yesterday evening:

"So Summer is over.  I can remember that first day of school was always filled with conflicting emotions for me.  Glad for the few hours of peace and quiet, and structure in the days, but regretting having used up another year of childhood.  How can such important years of our lives, parents and children, evaporate so quickly?  Even now, if I let myself dwell on the subject I get a little pang!"
 Yeah....get the tissue out.   But hey..isn't she the coolest grandmother EVER?  My kid's great grandmother not only emails regularly, designs and prints her own cards on the computer, but she also Skypes now....wooooah!!


Sibling Sets

Non-quilting, but I made these cute applique sets on Saturday! 

 One for a friend/client (aren't most of our clients friends?) 


And since I was in the mood, I made another set as a gift.

In Progress:

Black and White Spiders and Webs Quilt

I am I have successfully pieced my eight rectangles. 
(No pictures at the iPhoto is misbehaving...just picture 4 jelly roll strips sewn together in black and white, okay?)

 I have more rectangles this time so I am not sure how big or how many "webs" I will get.  When I did the the first Spiders and Webs for the Moda Bake Shop, I had eliminated about 5-6 strips for the binding.  I think because Halloween is approaching I was contacted about how many rectangles I did.  I had reconstructed my tutorial AFTER I had completed the quilt, and I am now wondering if I finagled a shorter rectangle with two strips by cutting them in half because I recall doing so....we shall see how it plays out.  
You will be the FIRST to know Whitney!!!!!!

Teenager's Room

I hung up the curtains...but no pictures yet because it has been dreary, dreary, oh...and dreary! 
I have the pile of fabric out 

and all of my magazine/catalog clippings to stir up some throw pillow ideas.

Craftsy Class

The class asks us to make a quilt using her free pattern that is included in the class or purchase a fabric panel from her Spoonflower sets.  I, of course, have to make a quilt. 

 I decided Friday that I would make the solid quilt for someone in particular. just informed me yesterday afternoon that the solids and striped backing I ordered are on their way!

No Progress:

Retro Flower Quilt
Button's Nursery Twin Bed Quilt.   
A Figgy Christmas Quilt 
Baby Girl Quilt.
Thank you quilt 
Merry, Merry Snowman BOM quilt
August do.Good Stitches Block


New Projects:

 I may or may not have said I would do a quilt pattern test.  Yup, shoot me.


Off to check on WIP.  I am so excited....since Mr. Boss was gone for four nights, I caught up with my WIP blogs and made a special category in my Google Reader just for my WIP friends.  That way I can just scroll down and read theirs today FIRST!!!  And then go back to Freshly Piece and read any new quilters!

Rebecca from Pieces and Cream is guest posting over there.  I used to live in the Milwaukee area and went to Marquette University with Mr. Boss.  I wonder if she will think I am stalking her if I follow her?

Sorry for the long may be because my only conversation lately is with an 18 month old.



  1. My grandparents send emails, we have to hide now from Skype - and pretend we are invisible. Ahahah! They will be great grand parents, they will probably want to 'facetime' us soon! Love the sibling sets!

  2. Love your craftsy quilt. Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday.

  3. LOL! Yes, I think they're a bit sad too!! I love your sibling set appliques!! When we visited the US while I was 12wks pregnant with my daughter, we bought two little onesies - one the said "Little Brother" and the other "Little Sister - to cover all bases! Even used a picture of "Little Sister" to announce the gender when we found out :)

  4. Man that email brought on some water works. That was so nice of your grandmother to think of you and how you were feeling on the first few days. They do look pretty sad in that photo.:( I will be equally sad when my boys start school. And yes, we have "those" days more often than I would like to admit. My 2 and 3 year old think it is a game to be couterproductive while mommy is cleaning. LOL Hope you feel a little better as school rolls on.:) Cute gifts by the way!!


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