Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WIP: Enjoying the Process

I am amazed how by just focusing a tiny bit of time on me since I was feeling lost and in Need of Me.  Despite having a million and one things I want to do and have to do, when I did Lower My Expectations?  I really started enjoying myself.  No one is harder on me, than myself!

And the amazing thing is?  I have been dusting off some WIPs, have a few finishes, and finally had an epiphany for some other projects!!


Cathedral Window Pincushion 

A treat for my swap partner. 

 This is my very first swap, but I noticed in other posts that participants don't just send a quilt.  I didn't have any goodies to send, so I made another cathedral window pincushion.  The bandanna fabric with the red,white, and blue fabric are a nod to the origin that the package is coming from...
good Ole Texas!

Artist's Palette Mini Quilt

My Name Game Swap quilt is finished! 

 I mailed it off yesterday and can't wait to see what she thinks.  I can't reveal anything other than this Sneak Peak.


But I promise a full reveal later!!!  I sure hope she likes it!

 Refurbishing Project

I have had this bag that I have always loved.  Except for the scratchy handles...and the awful staining from some sort of trip to the pool with goodies!

A little ripping of seams, using the old fabric for a pattern, new handles and interior ala Amy Butler Midwest Modern II Fresh Poppies Ivory, and a cute pink zipper?

And I am in love with it again!!!!

In Progress:

Merry, Merry Snowman Quilt

I actually opened the package of BOM #1 and accomplished the first task!

10 square in a square blocks!

I also pieced the background, but still need to do the applique's and no exciting pictures of that part.

No Progress:

Retro Flower QAL
Button's Nursery Quilt for twin bed
Christmas Quilt
Baby Girl Quilt Kit
Thank You Quilt

New Projects:

The Teenager's Bedroom

I finally took the kid with me and forced him to wander the fabric store so I could finally get some window treatments up and throw pillows on the bed that has this bedding from Pottery Barn on it.

photo via Pottery Barn

 It was only a tiny bit painful for him, however, Mr. Boss is questioning the seriously abundant amount of stripes. 

 But I must carry on...can't return the cut fabric!

Another Halloween Quilt.

Yup.  I needed this like a need a hole in my head, but when I made the Spiders and Webs quilt last year, I loved it...but it really didn't coordinate with the rest of the black and white theme I had in the rest of the room.  I have a jelly roll that is all black and white, but unfortunately it is only 20 strips instead of the normal 40, so I picked up a few more fabrics to add!  

So, I might have derailed all of my efforts to de-stress, but I feel like my sew-jo is back!  When it is back you can't look back!

Now to catch up with all the rest of the WIPers and link up at

Go check it out!  It is worth it!!!!!


  1. The cathedral square pin cushion is so nice!! And I love the peek you gave of the rainbow geese. :)

  2. I can't wait to see more of the rainbow geese quilt, the quilting is lovely and the fabrics are so pretty, just love all that color!

  3. I love that sneak peak of your artist pallete.. It made me want to make one myself.. nice hopping to your blog. I was hopping from WIP wednesday..

  4. I love the cathedral square pin cushion, I made one two years ago and it is really not as pretty - but really useful! Which tutorial did you use?

  5. I happened upon your blog from WIP Wednesday and I'm glad I did! Your blog for your daughter is beautiful. I'm so glad you're taking time for yourself because your work is beautiful too!

  6. You are a busy woman, Heidi! Love the pin cushion - what a lucky partner! I'm looking forward to seeing the mini quilt!

  7. The bag is very stylish and pretty!!

    best wishes on your son's bedding project--he will love it!

  8. the quilting on your mini quilt is beautiful.....all really great projects

  9. The sneak peek of your mini is gorgeous and I love the pin cushion :)

  10. Aw the quilting on the palette is beautiful! Can't wait for the full reveal!


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