Monday, August 6, 2012

The Next Generation?

He is addicted to my machines, my Button.

Snuck up on him!

He is a tiny little guy and has been climbing for awhile, but this past week, he finally grew tall enough to get his foot up on my chair.   Now I catch him in my room all the time! 

Checking the upper thread tension

The gate that used to keep him in?

"Trapped"  October 2011

It serves a dual purpose now!  To keep him out when I am not in there.  And to keep him in when I am trying to sew.  I don't have to worry about him climbing and standing in the middle of the kitchen table!

I also have accepted that he likes to sit on my lap when I sew, so I do a combined trapping of his arm and managing my fabric with one hand....
I have now picked up the habit of turning the surge protector that my machines are plugged into off when I leave the room.  

Any other sewing safety tips?

 He is my first of the four boys to be this young and utterly fascinated in the machines!


  1. I see a future engineer in the family!

  2. Always end needle down as well as presser food down so he can't manage to stick his finger :)

    1. Great idea!!! I also have started putting the cover on it. It is pretty heavy, so it seems to deter him a bit!

  3. WOW. I have never had a climber or some one so young into my sewing machine so I can't offer any advice but he is just the cutest little man, that I do know for sure :o)

  4. this was Steiger, and honestly, it kind of worked out OK because eh just learned how to avoid things all along! Sewing is dangerous business, but I leave my scissors, rotary cutter, etc. out and have for a long time, because he got that he couldn't touch it. I'll have to start being more careful again soon, as Scarlet will be up and climbing in not too long (!!!), but he just learned!
    (and he is a little cutie! I love how he put his drink right on top!) :)

    1. I did try to leave it all out and I know that he is very careful about pins and needles when he finds them, but he is too fascinated with the scissors. He tried to cut some fabric the other day.

      And the drink SLAYED me. Typical boy.

  5. Cute! My kids were/are obsessed with the hand wheel on the side and turning it. Turning the power strip off is a great idea.

    1. I decided to do the power strip because he found the power buttons on the side. He is a mischievous one!


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