Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Discipline Notice

I have to say that I felt like I was cheating or playing hookie by missing two link-ups in a row. I am waiting to be called to the principal's office for not reporting my WIPs on Wednesday!


This is where I feel like I am really cheating! I haven't touched my machine since November 16th.  Yes.  I know the exact date.  Scary, no?  But I am going to stick to the WIP Wednesday format.

THE Mickey Mouse quilt

I finished the quilt on my birthday, November 16th.  Hubby gave me some time to quilt and prep it for binding while he packed the car (usually he "needs" me to direct him").

I actually finished the binding in the car on our Magical way to Disney World.  The gift of time was the BEST present ever.   I, seriously, will never forget this birthday ever!!

My Mickey Mouse Pants Bag

I was a little nutso and had to have a tote for Disney!

It transformed into a cute sling bag for myself.  Details coming soon.  I don't have the links for the pattern I used readily available!

In Progress:

Needlepoint Christmas Ornament

There was a shout out from my oldest son's school for needlepointers.  They needed us to make a few Christmas ornaments for the school auction fundraiser.

I started it on during our Road Trip and have been tinkering with it for the past few days while I have my feet up.  It doesn't require too much arm motion!
I have to admit.  I am not in love with the darn metallic thread.  It is just not my favorite medium.  But I am close to finishing!  There was a tentative due date for the 15th of December.  I might actually be early?

Imagine Quilt

My do.Good stitches bee quilt has been haunting I am going to spend today stay stitching the piano key border.

Bee quilt top
I know...shamelessly showing this picture again...but, I can't help myself...the cuteness!!!

When I decided to do a piano key border, I researched the different techniques quilters use match up their corners.  An interesting tip kept being mentioned in the different forums I was landing in.  Many of the veteran quilters encouraged the newer quilters to do a 1/4 inch stay stitch around the entire border.  Apparently, the keys tend to stretch during quilting...especially on a longarm quilting machine.  I never knew!!!
Today, I have been feeling a bit better than I have the past week and a half, so I thought I would see if I could do a simple straight stitch later today!

And maybe cut my backing and piece it so it can be ready for Ole Betsy when my arm is able to do the stretching motion. It is going to be the first quilt I finish after this recovery.  I promised myself!

New Projects:

I have a ton.  Sitting around and looking at my magazines, books, and the internet have added more things to my already Ridiculously Long List.   Not to mention all the Black Friday sales? I had a bunch of birthday money from family burning a hole in my pocket. 

My Black Friday @craftsy delivery today. @Riley Blake, @Chicopee yuuuum!

I now have fabric that I have ZERO plans for.  ZERO! I am a bit disgusted with myself actually!  There is much more and I need a better picture than this Instagram picture, so keep your eye out for a completely different post!!

Linking up with Lee, as always at

I am praying she just sends me to detention instead of a full suspension for failing to visit her!  And I am hoping I am off the hook too because Elizabeth at Occasional Piecing is guest hosting today!  Muaahahahaha!

  In all honesty, there is NEVER any pressure to link up on her blog, but I have found the WIP Wednesday link up to be one of two helpful link-ups to keep me focused on my goals!!

Hope you all have a lovely day!  I have to see if I can tackle the laundry and maybe work on the bee quilt during Button's nap.  If not? I am not going to stress about it!  I promise!!!


  1. I love your disney tote! Just disney enough to be recognizably heartwarming but not so much you look like a walking advert!

  2. Be kind to yourself! It's oka to NOT keep up with your blog if life gets busy and our families need us more. :) Love your projects you featured today! Just adorable!

  3. Cute Mickey quilt - so much new fabric, how exciting!

  4. Birthday money plus Black Friday deals? That's like two gifts in one! It's ok not to have plans for the fabric -I'm sure one will come along!

  5. What an adorable Mickey quilt! And, isn't fabric without a plan called stash? LOL

  6. Your stuff always turns out so great. Even your needlepoint looks great even if the metallic is something you wouldn't normally choose to work with

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Heidi. Remember to not stress the small stuff, we areall here when you get the chance. hugs xx

  8. happy birthday and a lovely post.xx

  9. All wonderful projects, the tote is great and you get more done than me even with vacations and surgeries. No stress please.

  10. Thanks for stopping by Freshly Pieced and for your nice comments. I read through all of your post and positively love the Disneyesque bag you took along to the Park. Perfect! So cute, so fun.

    I know what you mean about buying stuff you don't have plans for. I have a closet full of stuff like that!

    Elizabeth E.


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