Thursday, January 3, 2013

Busy Boys

Four Busy Boys at home for two weeks yields:

One box of 246 basted Hexies.

I really had not planned to make progress on my hexies.  They were supposed to be my "on the road' project when school and sports started back up.  Reorganizing and cleaning up have claimed priority this past week.  I also have been feeling a bit under the weather and by the time I sit down in the evening, I really don't want to get up and go to my studio.

I actually look forward to quiet time when they go back to school, but can't really say that I am excited for them to go back.  It has been so nice hanging with them and not stressing about book reports, homework and tests.

Not much else going on around here other than the clear box I have for the hexies.

I did decide to buy some clear containers this week to organize my WIPs and UFOs.

I figure if I actually SEE the things I need to do, I will be more inclined to get them done?

I even have bins that are just bundle, kits, and fabric cuts.

 If I place them together with the patterns I plan to use them with?
  I won't change my mind mind later?
And they will be a nice place to keep fabric cuts and scraps while I am working on projects.

Please tell me that you are making a ton of progress on projects to get me motivated
or tell me you can commiserate with my plight and are actually not getting much done either!


  1. Not much done here, either. With four home, house guests and just general malaise. I did sit down yesterday and today to try to finish my Christmas pillows, and success. Only a couple weeks late!

  2. Heidi you are so organised,well done.xx

  3. A girl after my own heart by being so organised :O) I seem to be doing a little on a lot of projects at the moment. Wish I could just settle with one and finish it but no. Have a great day, hugs

  4. Wow - it looks like you got a ton done even with swirling balls of energy at your feet! I think you're right about the clear boxes - out of sight is out of mind so seeing them will probably be a constant source of motivation. I've set out a stack of my intended projects and wips with the idea that I can't start anything else new until I make some hay with that pile….

  5. Where did you get those bins at? I can't wait to see your finished hexi project! Since I'm due in a about a month, I made a weekly crafty project list, hopefully I will be able to finish all my weekly projects! And two whole's good to have goals right?

  6. Great hexies, and I love organization. I hope it works out for you:)

  7. I was telling my hubby a couple of days ago that I needed a way to get my fabrics more organized. I really want to finish up a lot of my unfinished projects this year and not start a ton of new ones, but knowing me I will have tons of new ones started in a few months.

  8. we are all equal with unfinished projects and the kids at home!
    happy new year


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