Monday, January 14, 2013

Never Fall In Love

Never fall in love with a half yard fabric cut.

Never fall in love with a scrap when you can't find 30 yds worth. #ruraljardin

Especially when you need 30 yds of it.

I was organizing some of my French General scraps to make some more throw pillows for the family room, and stumbled on this piece.  I had an epipahny!  They would work great in our formal room, we cheekily call the "Library". 

 Only on the basis that we do not have an office and it is filled mainly with book cases and my large crosstitch frame stand.

 This chair has left and a different layout has happened.  But more importantly, because of the new arrangement, Mr. Boss is chomping at the bit for me to get the room "finished".  

Which means window treatments.

Which means 30 yds worth of fabric.

These are the moments that I wish fabric designers/manufacturers would keep fabric lines just a wee longer.

Anyone else ever have these feelings?

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It is Amy's turn today!  


  1. ok I love that fabric so much. absolutely gorgeous and I hope you can find some mroe to make curtains so I can be even more jealous.

    1. I think there is no hope, so you can snicker and say "aha" to me ;)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Oh I do have to agree and with that said, if you ever see a Bliss by Bonnie and Camille Jelly Roll please let me know :)


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