Thursday, February 14, 2013

Anti-Valentine's Day

Around these parts, we don't really celebrate Valentine's Day.

 Twenty years ago, our first Valentine's day was really romantic. I recall my darling husband making chocolate mousse, dipping strawberries, Kenny G in the background and being "oh so romantic" *currently rolling my eyes*.  The second Valentine's day consisted of him dropping off some sad looking flowers in a McDonald's super-sized plastic cup at the dorm front desk I was working at that night.  

Since then, Mr. Boss and I both agreed that Valentine's should just be everyday, since he lost all imagination after the first.  Just this morning, he even clarified that his morning kiss today was "just the normal goodbye morning kiss...that's it."  He is such a goon.

However, this year?  I thought I would give a little love to the boys for Valentine's Day!

He was so funny this morning.  
He was lockin' and poppin' while I was trying to take a picture of him in his Valentine's duds that I made him.

In case you can't see the heart, here is a close-up.

I also was able to whip out a Valentine's Day Bunting for the fireplace mantle yesterday.

They are just simple 8.5 inch block cuts with hearts that I appliqued with a machine blanket stitch and letters I cut out using a word document, wonder under, and a zig-zag stitch.

 I flipped and stitched the squares to some random ribbon in my stash.  Actually, all the fabrics are from my scrap stash and the striped fabric, that reminds me of feed sack quilt backings, was from some yardage for a future quilt backing.   No money spent!

I bought some small candy items for the boys and a red rubber ducky for Button since he collects different duckies for the bath for when they arrive home.

Don't worry, I didn't totally go crazy.  I went a bit, um, cheap with the Valentine's Day cards for Button's Class.  I had some blank textured card-stock cards that I colored a heart on each and then let him go to town with his crayons.   

Keepin' it real around here!

Someday, I will make a Valentine's Day quilt....
 However, I have to admit, it is low priority on my bucket list of quilts to make!

To those who love the holiday, I hope it is everything you hope and wish it to be.  To those who are in my camp....give the family a hug and kiss just because!  I plan on doing so when they all get home!


  1. Cute Bunting! We don't do Valentine's at home either. My fourth grader's teacher told them that Valentine's was over commercialized and that they will not be exchanging Valentine's this year in class, he was thrilled:) (Some of the kids did convince her to change her mind, it became optional).

  2. We don't do much either. Although, I will probably be proven wrong if Mr. Riley comes home with flowers. I told him I wasn't spending $7 on a card to tell him I loved him. He said that was fine, he'd rather have the $7 anyway.

  3. We don't do Valentines day here either. Every day, we say I Love You, adults and kids. I love that my man helps me every day, wether it be hanging out the washing, cooking a meal, bathing Lily even doing the ironing. A treat from the supermarket or a spontaneous "Lets go grab a coffee", to me that is more than a bunch of over priced flowers once a year! Enjoy your day, week, month and year with your Boys. hugs

  4. lovely post and love your little guys t-shirt,have a fun day.xx

  5. Your bunting turned out so quick! Way to go getting it done so quickly. And I like Button's cards =)
    We typically don't go big with V-Day, but we had fun with the girls this year. I didn't know DH was such a sucker for making colored food. I need to buy more red food coloring now.


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