Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter Wonderland

I have been remiss in posting this!
 Please join us.

A special blog hop hosted at Patchwork Posse!
A Winter Wonderland Quilt.  
You will be given a  pattern/tutorial for a row on each of the dates below.
  Each row will become a completed quilt at the end.
And yes, yours truly, is going to be doing a row on March 25th.  

Designers and Post Dates :

March 11th- http://quilterchic.com
July- finish up helps and hints http://patchworkposse.com


A Flickr Photo Gallery is set up for the Round Robin.  This is a great place to post photos of your progress– from fabric choice to final finish.  We want to see it all!


I know.  I am terrible.  I should have posted this mid-January.  But it isn't too late!  Join now.

But if you just feel behind?  Guess what?  There is a thing called Pinterest!

Click the button above and head to the host!
You can "pin" it and save it for later.  All is not lost!

But I am going to give it a go myself.
  I'd really want a winter only quilt!

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