Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February is Here?

And here to stay?

I am flabbergasted that January, my normally "quiet" month, has come and gone with a vengeance.

I am worried for myself when I think of the family obligations the next two months and all the things I want to do.  But, I have found since August, the less worrying...the better.

I adore Tracey's Just Three's link-up since she started.
 Keeping it simple...three things out of the hundred on my list?
So much easier to swallow!

traceyjay quilts

I missed December and January...so we will pretend that I posted my goals and finishes for those months already! 

February Goals

1.  do. Good Stitches Quilt

I have found that having names for quilts is like giving the quilt a soul.  If they have names, I can't easily forget them or ignore them!  The name for this quilt has evolved and I think I have decided on Imagination.  

It has been quite the project and I need to spend more time picking some oopsie stitches and refining my  abilities with the rulers.  I can honestly say this has been the most challenging quilt by far!

I am also adding this quilt to the link-up for A Lovely Year of Finishes.  I figure if I have it in TWO places, I can't ignore it!

My goal this month is to get this quilt COMPLETELY finished by the end of the month, if not earlier!

2.  Sean's Quilt

I can't pretend that something is holding it up.  As soon as the Imagination is off Ole Betsy, I will be quilting this quilt.

The Pieced Back (I promise it is the same white as the front...Kona Snow...silly Instagram)
The Quilt Top (and I think it is upside down! HA!)

 I won't say that I will finish it completely by the end of the month because I don't want to jinx myself...but I will have it quilted!

3. Buttons and Butterflies Shop

I haven't really brought it up yet here because it was a decision I made while laying around the last month or so while assessing my life.  I hope to have a "soft opening" of my long arm quilting business.  I hope to do the quilting services of a few quilts other than my own creations.

 I have a shout out to a few quilting friends that seem to be brave enough to send me their quilts!   I will explain the thought process I have in a future post, but I have finally decided where the direction of my "business" is going.  It is a long one and don't want to take up this post with it all!

After this weekend's scrapbook retreat, I am still catching up in life in general.  One clingy baby that was sick while I was gone has been hampering my style.  But I am determined to get myself back on track!

Are you linking up any goals this month to any other "parties"?
  I am afraid if I do, I will set myself up for failure and will have to run and hide!

*Linking up with Lee since I don't have much else going on this week*



  1. So exciting that you're starting a long-arming business! I hope it goes smoothly, I'll be sending productive thoughts!

  2. I agree, February has come fast! Good Luck with your long arm business!

  3. You're going to be long arming! How exciting! I'll DEFINITELY be sending you my quilts!!!

  4. can't wait to see the Imagination quilt! And that little one! and if you need a brave soul, I'm your girl. ;)

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