Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In the Trenches

My Operation Orders

Task Organization: My mission is to finish one t-shirt auction quilt AKA "the beast" in 7 days with all the firepower I can use.

Taken earlier in the week...not the final layout.
I.  Situation: The school auction is set for the date of the 28th of this month. I have ramped up my due date to the 25th in case there are any diversions from the mission.

A. Enemy Forces
1. Weather and light data: the general forecast is looking good. No new rain in sight.  Could be distracting when any window gazing might occur.
2. Terrain:  Be prepared for piles of toys, dishes in the sink, backpacks on the floor, and shoes in the family room.
3. Identification of enemy forces: Four small males. Highly dangerous with weapons of mass destruction. 
4. Locations: Game room, family room, kitchen, pool, and driveway.  Don't underestimate school or extracurricular activities.
5. Activity: The enemy is in constant attack position.
6. Strength: A small platoon.   Ages 15, 12, 9, and 14 months.  Morale is low due to the absence of father-figure on a business trip.  Capabilities?  Unknown.  They are very inconsistent and can't be trusted. Do not underestimate their capabilities.
7. Probable courses of action when contacted:  They will fight, disperse, retreat, gather themselves, and attack again.

B. Friendly Forces.
Domestic Sewing Machine AKA Symphony.

C. Attachments/Detachments.
One Long Arm Machine AKA Ole Betsy on stand-by.

II. Mission:  

My mission is to finish one t-shirt auction quilt consisting of approximately 70+ t-shirts before the due date. I repeat, finish the t-shirt quilt!

III. Execution
A. Concept of the Operation:  They must be completely cut, pieced, quilted, and bound in 7 days.
B. Task to Maneuver Units: Avoid all distractions such as things like pincushion I made Sunday HERE, that I really don't need.

Cathedral Window Pincushion

C. Tasks to Combat Support Units:  Fellow bloggers and online sewing friends must be on FULL alert in case I am in need of advice.
D. Coordinating Instructions: I will email, beg, and plead for help, if need be.

IV.  Service Support
A. General: Good movies, good music, late nights.
B. Materials and Supplies: Rotary Cutter, Mat, Stabilizer, Thread, Pins, Pantograph, Batting....the usual.

Superior Rainbow Thread from

C. Medical: Coke, Lemon heads, Laffy Taffies, Short Naps

V. Command and Signal
A. Command: Myself.
B. Signal:  Call sign: Crazy Lady   Code Word: PATCHWORK

Praying the troops can rally me at


 If you see any color smoke...please send in reinforcements.


  1. I *love* your humour - this post is genius! Good luck with your mission, Quilter!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! It completely brought me back to my Army days. I think it has been about 15 years since I wrote one!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks...I started out feeling very military, so then I thought I would do it in the form of an operation order from my Army days!! It was fun!!!!

  3. Hilarious! Good luck with the mission :)

  4. Exciting! Work like a horse and you'll be ok (in the cavalry)
    Joking aside: GO FOR IT! Oh y'already are ... keep the good work up!

  5. hahaha!!!!!! I can picture you in your uniform (a patchwork looking one!).
    Soldier, you are getting distracted right now. Go back to work!

  6. Wow - good luck! Very excited to see the finish!

  7. Very fun post! I love it! Sending positive thoughts your direction. I can't wait to see the finished project.


    p.s. - And why is it always that the men-folk get called away during our time of need?

  8. Good Luck on your mission! Do not be distracted from your goal-persevere and nought but triumph will await you!

  9. Love this post!!! My t-shirt quilt is way done at the bottom of my list of to-dos. Someday...

  10. nice!
    Good luck friend!
    (or should I say Sarge?) ;)

    (and uh oh -- new fabric should be showing up at your house today)...

    1. French General YUMMINESS just arrived moments ago at the door!!!

      I couldn't restrain and pulled it all out. Major distraction!!! I forgot to add it to the list of enemies! LOL! I am so excited! THANK YOU!!!

  11. You can do it! And don't forget, electronic entertainment can be your friend!

  12. Loved the post! Made me smile! I'll be back to see how its coming along!

  13. That is too funny!!! Good Luck!!! Can't wait to see your end results solider!


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