Wednesday, April 11, 2012

14 days to go....

I have a countdown for my 8th Grade T-shirt quilt I am working on!

I really can't focus on much else these next two weeks!


I hung up the Button Art I made a few weeks ago HERE!

In Progress:

A design wall!!

I want to finish it today so that I can use it for this t-shirt quilt.  It is too large to lay out on my bed or on the floor without Button "helping" again!  I bought the insulation foam boards yesterday and the batting this morning. 

I hope to have it all done by Button's nap time! 

 Or maybe DURING his nap time....
He is pretty uncomfortable today...on his second week of goopy, runny nose, teary eyed allergies!  Luckily, the pediatrician just called and said he can get a little-little-tiny bit of Zyrtec tonight.
In case you are wondering, I am using Elizabeth's tutorial at Oh, Fransson!.  It seems like it will be light and portable.  Flannel has never worked for me, the batting sounded like a good least I am hoping!

I will be sure to share it with you soon!

Retro Flowers QAL

I have not quilted, but I have been haunting other QALers' blogs to see what they are up to!  I was debating on what I was going to use for my templates, but finally came to the decision to purchase the Drunkard's path dies from Sizzix.  

Quarter Circle

I have the Westminster Sizzix and why not use it!??!
 It is for a 4 inch versus 5 inch drunkard, and it is a bit more expensive than the templates, but I have a drunkard path quilt mockup for my Hawaiian fat quarter I bought in Maui.  

The other good thing?  The smaller size has solidified my decision to make a fabric choice I will be shopping in the near future!

No Progress:

Twin quilt for nursery
Christmas quilt 
Baby girl quilt kit 
Thank you quilt 
Bunny's sharpie roll project
I never made an Easter outfit for Button like I had hoped last week...but I am glad I didn't because the day didn't really pan out the way I had envisioned it.  Does that intrigue you?  Read HERE to either commiserate or BRAG that you had a great Easter!!

Now off to link up with some of the ladies I like to think of as my quilting friends at

I swear, I add a new blog to my Google Reader every week!  No wonder I had 450+ blog posts to read since my scrapbook retreat!
Hope you have a blessed day and week! I am looking forward a lot of productivity until next week!


  1. Loving the button art. Too cute..I have a tshirt quilt to get done too. Sigh. I dont know why I procrastinate. They are never as bad as they seem!

  2. I think I need to start putting deadlines on my WIPs too! And that Fat Quarter looks amazing!

  3. Oh my what a sweet sleeping baby! Design wall?! I need one of those, maybe in my next house. I kinda sort of want one of those fabric cutters but the steep price of them holds me back. I got my lovely tabslot templates and have started cutting fabric but I am still waiting for more to come in.

    Love your Hawaiian fabric and the button art is just fabulous!

  4. You wont know how you have managed with out a design wall! Mine sits on my cutting table and leans back against the wall ..... out of reach of little fingers :o)

  5. looks great cut the pieces of the quilt retro flowers with the Sizzix Westminster!!

  6. Hope your little one feels better real soon!

    Good Luck on your Tshirt quilt.

  7. Button´s room looks beautiful!
    What are you doing reading this comment???!!!! Go work on the T-shirt quilt!! LOL!

  8. totally love the button art! I bought the retro flower templates from etsy, but am still waiting for them.... cant wait to see what make!


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