Monday, April 9, 2012

You know it is bad when....

.....when your camera battery dies two days before Easter.

But at least you can take some pictures with a camera phone, right?

 .....when you only have time on Easter Saturday to hard-boil the eggs.

Only four cracked out of three dozen...Whoot!

But at least you have a cute picture of Button with his first official baseball hat on!

Shirt says: " Don't change me until the game is over"

.....when your husband finally gets the Easter bin down from the 10pm on Saturday night. 

.....when you wake up Easter Sunday morning with only 40 minutes to get 4 boys and 2 adults awake, dressed, and out the door.

.....when your husband walks out to see the boys eating Peeps before breakfast.

Stuffed Peeps!!

Got ya Mr. Boss!!!!!

....when the Easter bunny forgot to actually get REAL peeps for the basket. OOPS!

.....when you get to church early for a seat, but have to take the baby for a walk before Mass starts because there are still 45 minutes to go.

Church courtyard

.....when the guy in front of you at church turns around and asks the baby if he is going to be noisy the whole Mass.  He wasn't, but it is stressful to keep a baby quiet for almost an hour and a half. Except for singing.  This kid loves to sing!

....when you get home and crash on the couch while the baby naps because the Easter bunny didn't fill the baskets until midnight.  You know the bunny is a SHE, right?

....when you wake up, you have laundry still to start and the baby is ready to go!

....when you find the opened bag of leftover candy in your closet and pick it up to put it out of reach of the dogs.

....when it is too late because you find a bunch of piles of dog vomit with Kisses foil and all....

The culprit

....when you can't imagine life without a good handful of rags and a can of Resolve Carpet cleaner.

....when you actually start the Easter Egg hunt at 7pm after Easter Sunday dinner.   

.....when the baby runs off in his pjs to see the neighbors' dog instead of looking for the "balls".  

He eventually figured it out, but he lost interest quickly.

....when you have to have three separate Easter Egg hunts because the middle boys are so competitive. 

Did I mention that the eggs are empty, because the candy has already been bagged, tagged, and put away in their respective candy jars in the pantry?

...when you are dyeing your eggs Easter Sunday night at 8pm.

...when the baby falls asleep before the tablets dissolved...

...when only Bunny wants to decorate eggs.

 but thankfully, Dad and Mom join the fun!

 ...when your teenager looks at you and says "Easter Fail" to you because of our non-traditional day!

However, I am going to say it wasn't so much of a fail...but a failure to have a perfect Martha Stewart Easter. 

It was more of a Heidi Easter.
We laughed, we cried, we celebrated, we ate, and we remembered the reason the day was even declared a holiday. 

 How grateful I am for this day that reminds me that my beautiful daughter is waiting for me....

 Of course, my friends that posted their first blog post today had to rub it in that they were so much more festive than I.

I made a watermark for them so that it would link back to them!

In all seriousness, these two ladies are very talented and I am the first to be their follower! I have seen all their talent on Facebook and now they are sharing it with everyone at Baby Got Cake!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter!!!


  1. We had a little less planned, but I did hear that the Easter Bunny at our house almost forgot. We were awake, but no less prepared for church, 15 minutes before we had to leave it was time to get dressed, have showers, wake up husband...My camera may as well be broken, I haven't picked it up in over a week. So, I am right there with you:)

  2. I love Easter and Easter church especially, I feel you with the hard-to-keep-them-quiet, and I'd much rather have kids actually in church than have complete silence. During our service, one little girl, about two, kept saying "I don't want to be quiet" over and over again while the priest was reading the Gospel lesson. She kept getting louder and louder and her last shout was right in the silence after the lesson, and everybody, including the priest, laughed out loud. The poor mom was trapped with her in a pew by the wall and there were like 10 people to crawl over to get out, but no one was too bothered and she was really good the rest of the service. Glad you had a good celebration with your family!

  3. I think you had a great Easter celebration, and your son will remember it with a smile when he grows up. Or you can just tell him that when he gets marry you will be going to spend the entire week end at his house for Easter just to see if he can do it better!!!! 8-)) !!!!!!

  4. well... you saw my blog post, so you know I can relate!!! :)
    Life happens sometimes, doesn't it?

  5. Heidi Easter sounds wonderful! I'm laughing at the Easter Fail and guilty pug shots, crying and smiling about Miss Jaime and loving the Button shots (pretty necklace BTW). I can't wait to have my very own Heidi Easter. I'll be sure to call it Brandi Easter though :) Happy Easter!

    1. Thanks Brandi!! I really was excited you finally put up your first post on your blog!! And the necklace is James of my favorite jewelry stores!!

  6. Sounds perfect to me. Your non-traditional Easter day is the best kind of memories! Happy Easter!

  7. It almost sounds like the kind of day we had. I had my daughter dying eggs on Easter morning too. Instead of an egg hunt I had her hunt for her bag. No basket this year. Almost forgot to go to my parents for dinner. Yep, that was smart. So phey on Martha. The nonperfect holidays are the best. And bless your little guy's heart for being quiet though out the church service!

  8. Sounds like you guys had a very fun, eventful Easter! Love all the photos!

  9. Someone should tell the Easter Bunny that peeps taste much better when you buy them at the after Easter Clearance sales. I like Heidi Easter, sounds fun, except for dog vomit.

  10. All the pictures look like you had a very good time together! Happy belated Easter!

  11. I had given up on eggs when my husband decided at 7:00 Saturday night (bedtime is 8!) to start dyeing! We didn't even bother hard boiling them. Most of my daughter's (8y.o.) survived, most of my son's (5y.o.) did not. Then we forgot to take them with us to Grandma's to show off! Finally got the kids in bed around 9:30, and then had to fill & hide plastic eggs. Very late night.


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